Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Best Juice Cleanse

A successful Juice Cleanse includes more than just organic fruits!
Many celebrities are doing updated juice fasts for 3-5 days to loose weight, increase energy and simply feel better.  Some even have their own organic juice products that can be delivered to your door for a mere $60 a day.  I think we can do a LOT better than that!  I am a certified nutritional consultant and the author of several health & fitness titles (see some of my books in the bottom right hand column).  In The New Woman's Herbal & Nutritional Guide I caution breast cancer patients to beware of soy based products. Breast cancer survivors who are in remission should avoid phytoestrogens like soy.  Soy is often added to many liquid diet cleanse products because of its protein value.  However, it is not the best choice for your digestion.  A rice based protein source such as Rainbow Light's Protein Energizer is preferred.  No bloating, easy to digest and it will give you the added protein and fiber a pure fruit and vegetable juice fast will leave out.  The quick weight you lose when you don't get enough protein is often muscle, not fat.  You should also still take a multi-vitamin during your juice cleanse such as Rainbow Light's Organic Women's Multi.

Stainless Steel Polar Bottle- water is a must!
Juicing 101

First of all you'll want to pick fresh, ripe organic fruits and vegetables for your juice.  Organic blueberries can be purchased frozen and are loaded with high level (ORAC) rated antioxidants due to their dark color.  You can also purchase organic spring greens year round which will not alter the taste like cole family vegetables, (i.e. cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts).

Both frozen berries and organic salad greens blend easily into a delicious juice you won't mind drinking at all!  Here is one of my favorite blends:

East Coast Juice Cleanse

1 cup crushed ice
1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries
1/2 cup organic red seedless grapes
1 cup organic mixed spring greens
1 scoop Rainbow Light's Acai Berry Blast Protein Energizer

Whirl all of these ingredients on high until liquid, adding a bit of water if too thick.  I often make double and pour half in a stainless steel Polar Bottle and save it for the next day.  Be sure to get plenty of water during your Juice Cleanse both inside and out.  Accelerate your skin's detox by using a Clarisonic Mia shown here in in Spring BLUE!

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