Wednesday, February 9, 2011

YOUR Weekend Ski Trip!

Getting away for the weekend for a romantic little ski, snowshoeing or snowboarding trip needn't get complicated. Save some time & space by only packing three pairs of undies.  Exofficio's Give-n-Go line of women's underwear is quick drying, odor resistant and VERY durable.  Here are some super essentials to take replete with backpacks and bags to pack them in! Many of these can do double duty such as Rudy Project's Daypack II which also has a removable hydration system. Whatever you do DON'T forget your ski goggles. The sun's glare as it reflects off the snow can damage your corneas and make you snowblind for up to 3 days! Rudy Project's Klonyx offer superior fog-free visual clarity and solar protection.  Also include a serious sunblock.  Neutrogena just came out with a new broad spectrum uva-uvb sunblock called Age Shield Face in a SPF of 110+.  Worth bringing along as the sun's reflection off of the snow rivals that of a day at the beach.
We also really like the Freedom of the Hills and Don't Die Out There card decks with survival and wilderness advice on the face of each card. Available from The Mountaineers Books. Get more ideas on winter sports and baselayering from X-Treme X-Training's Winter Survival Guide.
Craft Layer 1 & Exofficio's Chica Cool Hoody
 The List:

1 pair of jeans (Merona Dark Blue Just Below the Waist & Straight)

2 pair of undies, 1 bra - (Exoffico's Give-n-Go String Bikini)

1 pair cotton flannel lounge / pajama pants

2 pair of socks (Smartwool 100% Merino Wool)
1 baselayer tee (Craft Microclimate Layer 1)

1 mid-layer top (Exofficio's Chica Cool Hoody)

1 pair hardshell ski or snowboarding pants (Moonstone Banshee)

1 ski jacket (Moonstone Lucid Down Jacket)

1 pair ski gloves (Scott Sports Snowboarding Gloves)

1 pair sheepskin boots ( Ugg Baileys or Kookaburras)

1 ski cap (Turtlefur's Merino Wool Collection with no itch headband)

1 pair ski goggles (Rudy Project Klonyx)

1 Adventure Medical - Survival Kit

1 Kestrel Weather Tracker

* Travel sized toiletries, a hairbrush, a silk scarf Sport Wash Packets and Pro-Tech-Skin by Atsko 

The trick to packing is NOT to pack too much!  Our backpacks and duffel bags are often filled with multiple items that we never end up using for the trip.  Keep it to these bare essentials and you can be packed - ready to go in under 10 minutes!

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