Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shake the Weight Program!

Come on, 2011 is YOUR year to Shake the Weight! Yes, we've all put on a few extra pounds from those holiday parties and treats. Plus who had time to hit the gym? Start the year off right with our week's worth of delicious shakes guaranteed to kick it up a notch. Build lean muscle and lose fat with a Rainbow Light Shake - a - Day!

You'll have a delicious shake for breakfast or lunch as a ONE meal substitute. You won't get bored because you'll find a lot of variety to be had with Vanilla, Acai Berry Blast and Chocolate Protein Energizers! Our recipes incorporate enzyme rich fruits, vegetables and nutritional supplements to add flavor, fiber and satisfaction to your shake-meal. Here's the first up with a few optional ingredient ideas.

Rainbow Light shakes mix easily with milk, water or juice. Rice based, they give you a whopping 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving. Start your day with one of these shakes and see how much more energy you'll have through lunch....without being hungry!

Here is the rich Chocolate Protein Energizer with a teaspoon of Chocolate Ovaltine and a half scoop of IVL's All Day Energy Greens added to low fat milk and crushed ice. These extra nutritional supplements are optional as the Protein Energizers are complete on their own. However, if you've over-indulged a bit, these extras can help with detoxification and energy levels. I used a shaker cup for this so it was super fast and blended completely. You don't need a blender with these Rainbow Light Shakes unless you want to add fresh pureed fruit. This is my "After New Year's Eve Party" detox mix so after all that champagne, I'm in no mood to hear the whirl of a blender. Here you go:

Rich Chocolate Protein Energizer Shake Recipe

1 scoop Rainbow Light Chocolate Protein Energizer

1 tsp Chocolate Ovaltine

1/2 scoop All Day Energy Greens

8 ozs Low Fat Milk, (Almond or Rice Milk is also good)

4 ozs Crushed Ice

Throw everything into an IVL Shaker Cup which contains a mesh strainer and shake vigorously. Pour and drink! This is an easy no-blender recipe to get you rolling PLUS it's absolutely scrumptious.

Check out some more yummy options for serving up these delicious fat trimming shakes and exercising in the cold at the X-Training BLOG's SHAKE OFF WINTER WEIGHT article. Cheers!

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