Friday, January 7, 2011

Protect Your Skin from Winter

Your hands and feet are often cold during the winter because of a loss of moisture and its protective barrier. Just like broken shingles on a roof, dry, cracked skin allows the escape of heat from within.

Dry, flaky skin is more often seen in the winter due to decreased humidity in the outside air and indoors due to central heating. To help combat indoor dryness, you can purchase an Air-O-Swiss Digital Warm & Cold Ultrasonic Humidifier. These are quiet and disperse an ultra fine mist into the air for quick dispersion. The AOS 7144 shown here can heat the water so it exits at a comfortable 104 F without lowering the room temperature. Air-O-Swiss humidifiers come with a filter cartridge to keep the water clean, pure and mineral free thus eliminating the "white powder" problem associated with other humidification units.

I needn't mention the importance of applying body lotion after a shower but for frequently washed areas such as your hands, you'll need something with more staying power. Pro-Tech-Skin by Atsko, (the makers of Sno-Seal), is a beeswax based product for extreme weather exposure. Going skiing? Apply Pro-Tech-Skin before putting on ski boots and gloves. Your feet and hands will be MUCH warmer through out the day! This product does an amazing job of softening rough, dry hands, and feet, keeping them moist and pliable. Has a delicious honey fragrance from the beeswax but is very creamy to apply. Be sure to check out Atsko's Sno-Seal water-proofing product for your snow boots, ice skates and gloves. This product will also help to keep your feet and hands warm 'n dry!

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