Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bill Boggs Host of Chef Foy Day

October 24th is now Chef Dennis Foy Day! Left to right celebrity host, Bill Boggs, Estella Foy and Chef Dennis Foy. The event included video clips from Bill Bogg's Corner Table television show from the Food Network and a tasting of culinary treats from local restaurateurs.

Big Boys Brisket busy preparing a delicious organic smoked chicken with apple cole slaw. This chicken was so moist and tender. Served hot, the cold Granny Smith apples & slaw set it off perfectly. This was hands down the most delicious chicken!

This lobster tail delight was executed by The Shipwreck Grill of Brielle, NJ. A Smoked Paprika sauce was used to poach the lobster which was finished with a Chili Oil. It was served on a scoop of sweet potato-chorizo hash which included European peas. Fabulous!

On the left we have a lovely Braised Short Rib on a Chinese Pancake finished with Hoisin Sauce prepared by The Black Trumpet of Spring Lake, NJ.
On the right is a delicious wild green salad with candied pecans and a light, fruity vinegarette from The Labrador Lounge of Normandy, NJ. This is all part of the Farm to Table Movement sweeping the Garden State.

Be sure to catch four time Emmy winner, Bill Boggs on PBS television for My Generation!

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