Thursday, June 1, 2017

Outside of the Box Father's Day Gifts

Gifts sure to make Dad's Day extra special!
Father's Day 2017 is June 18th and your chance to show Dad that "you get him". These specially purveyed, exquisite gifts are the ones men want most this year (remember fathers are first and foremost MEN!)
So here are my top favorites for Pops while thinking outside of the box or gift basket.

Gifts for Java Dad
Coffee has gone to new heights these days with fresh roasted coffee beans done in small batches. If you really want to impress coffee-loving Dad, try ordering whole beans from Fire Dept.Coffee plus a beautiful GreyFoxPottery Minnesota handmade mug as a set. Fire Dept. Coffee Beans come in regular and liquor infused: Rum, Tequila and Bourbon. Add in a few Mocha Latte Eat Your Coffee Bars for an extra kick and your Java Basket for Dad is complete!

Java Dad Gift Basket Treats

Gifts for Bearded Dad
Many men are sporting various lengths of beards these days. If you have someone like this on your Father's Day list, think about getting them some beardo specific grooming aids and conditioners. Beard Guyz offers doop kit essentials for bearded ones including: shaving kits, shampoo, conditioners and finishing balms. See all of their beard-specific products online at

Beard Guyz Doop Kit Essentials.

Gifts for Clean Shaven Dad
The scent of the Orient! Yes, Oriental is a class of fragrance and nothing embodies this better than Rituals Samurai Collection. Shown below is the Magic Shave Cream and Shave Repair which is a calming after shave lotion. Infused with Japanese Basil, Aloe and Tiger Grass, it offers botanical soothers and healing properties. Available at

Rituals Samurai Shave Set
Holy Smoke Candle & Oasis Verte Eau De Parfum
Holy Smoke Perfumed Candle: Part of the Rituals Private Collection, this scented candle reminds you of dry, seasoned wood fireplace hissing and cracking on a fall evening. Contains notes of smokey woods, floral scents and earthy musk. Perfect for Dad! 

Oasis Verte Oriental Essence Eau De Parfum: This fragrance evokes memories of a lush Arabian oasis with notes of Vetiver, Green Patchouli and Oak. This is a luxury perfume with a lovely oriental essence. The Patchouli makes it tip more to the masculine side but it could be considered unisex. Both the candle and perfume are available from 

Rituals Holy Smoke Candle and Oasis Verte Oriental Essence Parfum

Gifts for BraveHeart Dad
5.11 Tactical Kilts, shown here in MOSS are a hot item for outdoor Sir William Wallace-esk dads! This Tactical Duty Kilt is treated with Teflon fabric protector and has multiple cargo pockets. Also has super deep side pockets. Adjustable fit with snaps, this kilt is a kick! I'm descended from the Patterson Clan and our men would wear their kilts "commando" style. However dad wants to wear it, this Tactical Kilt is super comfortable for any outdoor excursion, hike or activity. Available from

Tenzing Skincare for Men Pre-shave Oil, Shave Cream and Face Moisturizer - More natural shaving must-haves for dad's doop kit. Made with natural Sage Mint and other essential oils like lavender, chamomile, seabuckthorn and shea butter, it's a botanical luxury treatment. Available from

5.11 Tactical Kilt in Moss

Gifts for Cross Fit Dad
If Dad is into fitness, along with the Tactical Kilt give him a basket of healthy goodies. The BroBasket has a variety of super-stuffed foodie crates which even include fine liquors and craft beers. Shown below is the Cross Fit BroBasket which includes: Light Muscle Milk, Chunk Light Tuna, Whey Protein Powders, Beef Jerky and protein bars along with a shaker cup. Each basket comes with a little greeting card and is deliverable right to Dad's door. See all the available gift baskets at

The Cross Fit BroBasket

Gifts for Bling Dad
Urbain Jewelry - The Bloodstone Necklace, Limited Edition - only 150 pieces. A Hematite stone on an Aged Silver necklace.  Carved out of a historic mine in Minnesota, each stone is one of a kind. A truly unique gift for dad. Wear the Story and see all the Urbain pieces online at Urbain Jewelry.

The Bloodstone LTD Edition Necklace from Urbain

Daniel Wellington Watches
These beautiful timepieces are based on a classic Rolex Design. Perfect on the golf course and equally elegant at dinner. Understated yet impressive these watches are sold at fine department stores. Visit

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