Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Ball "Get Ready With Me" Skin Care Secrets

Natural skin care for a flawless night out. 
This is Part I of my Spring Ball Series and just what you're looking for to look your very best for the upcoming social calendar. Now that the season is underway for spring balls, (like the Met Gala Ball on May 2nd), Mother's Day dinners, bridal and wedding parties, it's time to revamp your skincare regimen. I often have short notice to get ready for social events such as charity dinners and media premiers. You can see my photos and coverage from The Winter Ball at Lincoln Center HERE for an example of dress and makeup for a black tie event.

Arriving on the red carpet at The Winter Ball, Lincoln Center

I've gone to some of the most relaxing spas for facials but the natural even organic products available now allow me to get far better results at home. Here are some of my favorites, some brand new for at home pampering when getting ready for an elegant evening out.

The Royal Bath
This is key because a proper soak will allow your moisturizers to work best. First, however, give your skin a brisk dry brushing to stimulate the skin and loosen dead skin cells. To learn more about the benefits and how to of Dry Skin Brushing CLICK HERE. Once in the tub, add your favorite soaks such as Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Bath Salts to help relax tight muscles. 

A fragrant candle, a good read and Pink Love Bath Salts for your soak.

You can also add Molton Brown's new Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise Bath Gel to the bath water or body brush. Layer the fragrance by moisturizing your skin with the same scented Body Lotion, also by Molton Brown, England.

New Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise Bath Set by Molton Brown

Sealing in Moisture
The secret to ultra dewy, soft after bath skin is to moisturize immediately with body lotion, paying special attention to hands, knees and elbows. If you want your skin to really glow, top off your lotion application with a natural body oil such is one of my favorites from Sublime Beauty. It is very pure and contains: sweet almond, aloe, sesame, argan and jojoba oils plus a touch of vitamin E. Adding a nutrient rich body oil like this keeps the moisture in your skin and makes it look so beautiful.

Molton Brown - London

At Home Deluxe Facial
I used to go in for European facials which were wonderful but often time consuming. Travel to and from the spa plus the time spent there on the table took a large chunk out of my day. Even more than that, in order for facials to be effective, they need to be done at least once a month. These days, I know better and am getting even more impressive results at home by doing certain things like deep exfoliation once a week.

Exfoliating tools of the trade.

Exfoliation: In order for your skin care products to absorb properly and your makeup to go on smoothly, you will need to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells. Finish with a gentle non-stinging toner like this all natural one containing CoQ - 10 by Indie Lee

For a very light, gentle exfoliation, try Seabuck Wonders Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Facial Cleanser which is infused with sea buckthorn berry oil which is rich in Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9. 

If you want a spa quality microdermabrasion type of exfoliation, I would recommend Sublime Beauty Naturals Zen Face Polish. It contains the same bauxite crystals used for microdermabrasion in the day spas and is VERY effective. In fact I would use it only once a week but that is all you would need to reveal super soft, fresh skin cells. Get it online at

Read about Mira-Skin's Ultrasound Wand + Hyalauronic Serums for a synergistic effect.

Beauty Mask and Moisturizer
After exfoliation, a clay or kaolin based mask is essential to drawing out impurities while making the pores appear smaller. What I like about this particular Collagen Antioxidant Mask by Sublime Beauty is how it moisturizes while purifying the skin. I like to put it on before getting into the tub or shower as it stays on even in the steamiest bathrooms. Non-drying as it contains safflower seed oil, aloe and glycerin.

Collagen Antioxidant Mask & Zen Power Serum by Sublime Beauty Naturals

Hyaluronic Acid Serum Moisturizer
This type of serum is red hot now at hyaluronic acid is found naturally in young, healthy skin. As we age or are exposed to sun damage, it begins to diminish. What I especially like about this particular serum is that it is made up of organic ingredients and does NOT contain dimethecone or silicones of any kind. It plumps up your skin, making it ready for your primer and makeup application which is coming up next! Get this Zen Power Serum at

So now your skin is perfectly pampered, prepped and ready for the next step. If you have not been caring for your complexion with regular visits to the spa or esthetician, I would suggest starting out doing a routine like this every two weeks. You'll notice a difference after the very first time but the benefits are cumulative.

Coming up in Part II...flawless, natural makeup application and hair style secrets for your evening out PLUS hot, new designer fragrances for the season.

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