Monday, March 21, 2016

NEW Designer Fragrances for Spring

NEW perfumes and fragrance accessories for spring.
Spring 2016
Spring is in the air but so are these lighter, seasonal perfume releases. To start, here are two NEW designer fragrances you should know about:

Scent your world this spring!
Perfume shouldn't stop at the pulse points. Fragrances can extend beautifully to layering via bath salts, body lotions and scented candles. Create that special aura this spring! First let's look at this new fragrance from Lanvin Paris, Eclat de Fleurs:

Eclat de Fleurs
Lanvin, Paris Eclat de Fleurs
Is a new fragrance from Lanvin, Paris. This high fashion design house was founded by Jeanne Lanvin in 1889. Her first perfume was My Sin created in 1925 and was unique and described as an animalic - aldehyde  based on Heliotrope.  Fast forward to today, Eclat de Fleurs is a more floral expression of their popular previously released, Eclat d' Arpege which came out in 1927. Actually this newer version, Eclat de Fleurs was released in 2015 but is getting a second breath for Spring Summer 2016 due to it's light, fruity/floral top and middle notes: 
Eclat de Fleurs was created by Anne Flipo and Nicolas Beaulieu. Top note is pear; middle notes are jasmine, rose and freesia; base notes are white musk and sandalwood. Available at Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and other fine stores or online at

Frankie by Ariana Grande
Frankie by Ariana Grande, Limited Edition
Frankie is a NEW limited edition perfume,  just released earlier this year and named for Ariana's older brother. This new perfume spray, although unisex is reminiscent of Georgio Armani's "Si". Frankie's strongest top note is pink pepper which blends well with the apricot, pear and wild orchid middle notes.
Base notes for Frankie include: cedar, sandalwood and musk. It is a bit more masculine than the Armani "Si" which is a dedicated woman's fragrance. However, as I mentioned before, Frankie is a unisex perfume, made to appeal to men as well as women. You can remove the little puff charm and add it to your handbag. So posh! Available for a limited time at
Thierry Mugler's Alien Eau Extraordiaire
The first fragrance in the Alien series was simply Alien Eau de Parfum which comes in a purple glass spray bottle. The second, shown here is Alien Eau Extraordinaire and comes infused with gold shimmer offering "luminous freshness". The main notes or accords include warm amber and white floral. It has a "powdery" scent overall with citrus top notes. More suited as a warm weather fragrance but transitions well from spring to summer. See the other fragrances by Thierry Mugler at

Fig & Yarrow scented bath salts and Maison Louis Marie Candle

Fig + Yarrow Apothecary Pink Love Salts
Something for a relaxing bath from Fig + Yarrow, these Himalayan pink bath salts are infused with: Patchouli, ylang ylang, bergamot, range and geranium. 
The salts add relaxing, muscle soothing minerals to your soak while the essential oils allow you to completely relax, naturally. Handcrafted in Colorado by

Maison Louis Marie Bougie Parfumee Candle
This lovely candle can accompany your bath salts or simply scent your home to relax after a long day. Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars was a pioneer in French Botanical History from the 1700's.
This Lavender Candle (Antidris) has: top notes of fennel, eucalyptus, middle notes of lavender and vanilla with base notes of amber stone, vetiver grass and patchouli. This candle reminds you of fresh linens and French milled soap made from spring lavender. Perfect for purifying your environment with a fresh, clean fragrance. Available at

Scentbird Designer Perfume Subscription
Scentbird Designer Perfume Subscription
This is the perfect solution to getting your hands on more exclusive designer perfumes. This monthly subscription allows you to choose fragrances from the major designer/perfume houses such as: Armani, Baleciaga, Hermes and many more. Each month you receive the scent of your choice for that installment. This gives you the chance to try a generous 8 milliliters (0.271 US fluid ounces) of your chosen perfume. Definitely worth it. Visit online.

Zen Box Essential Oil Subscription

Zen Box Essential Oil Subscription
If you are allergic to perfume or simply want an all natural alternative to pre-formulated or synthetic fragrances, the Zen Box Essential Oil Subscription is for you. What I like about this subscription box is the fun of being surprised and learning something new each month. You receive two pure essential oils like lavender and peppermint plus an oil blend which is great for specific objectives. Over time, you will have a full collection of pure essential oils which you may use to blend your own perfumes, soaps, bath salts, lotions and so much more. Get started today by visiting

The Zen Oil Box is travel friendly!

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