Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New You - 10 New Health and Beauty Trends You Need to Try

Writing endless lists of New Year's Resolutions each January 1st rarely gives you any real or lasting change. I know! That's why I stopped doing it. What about a "game plan" for success to buff up key areas of your life? You will see results in under 30 Days which will motivate you enough to keep doing it to reap the full benefits all year long. Here are 10 new trends to rejuvenate and beautify yourself for the New Year and a New You in 2015:

1.) Moisturize from the Inside Out: Sublime Beauty Phytoceramides
Here is something you can do first thing in the morning before you take a shower. As soon as I wake, I get a tall glass of icy cold water from the water cooler. Drinking just 12 - 16 ozs of ice cold water boosts your metabolism by nearly 24%. Next I take my Sublime Beauty Phytoceramides. These Phytoceramides actually moisturize your skin from within and one capsule first thing in the morning is all you need for dewy, soft skin.

Phytoceramides and Natural Boar Bristle Brush
2.) Give Dry Skin the Brush Off
Next I head to the shower but before I hop in, I give my skin a vigorous dry brushing starting at the soles of my feet and working up towards my heart. Sublime Beauty has small, hand held natural boar bristle brushes and long handled ones that I like to use to reach my lower back. This helps stimulate the lymphatic system, rev up circulation and loosens dry, dead skin cells which are easily showered away. Start by doing this before every other shower using light circular motions. Get the Phytoceramides and Dry Skin Brushes both from

Dry Brushing and Shaving using the Butt Bench
3.) Antioxidant Power: MitoQ Supplements & Moisturizer
When I'm done showering, I take my MitoQ Targeted Anti-oxidant Supplements and apply the MitoQ Power Antioxidant Moisturizer to my face and neck. Really, you can apply it anywhere you have sun damage. MitoQ has an effective mitochondrial delivery system which works at the cellular level to deliver potent levels of CoQ10 where it is most needed. Order online at or visit

4.) Healthy Hair and Skin, Naturally
2015 is the year to go natural in your skin care and hair care products. Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body. So you might want to go with natural oils like: Vermont Premium Emu Oil, Coconut and Pure Camellia Oils for both your hair and skin. I have always used natural boar bristle brushes on my hair and body as they are softer and less damaging than nylon bristled ones. This Japanese Neko Cat Tsuge Boxwood Brush is first soaked with Camellia oil and then used to massage the scalp. It naturally pulls the oils evenly through the hair, conditioning it to the ends. Pure, natural Camellia oil is also excellent for dry skin everywhere else on your body.

Hand crafted Japanese Neko Tsuge Boxwood Hair Brush and Pure Camellia Oil

5.) Don't skip breakfast! This is a New Year and studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are better able to keep their weight in check. A good choice is to go low on the gluten and simple carbs by making an whole egg or egg white omelet with LOTS of tomato, peppers, onions, asparagus, etc. 

Breakfast Idea: Cedar Lane Egg White Omelet with Ranchero Sauce
The protein in the eggs will help keep you satisfied and you'll get in a much needed serving of veg to start your day. Adding a little salmon, rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids is pure brain food and great for your skin.

7.) Step Up Your Nutrition: Switch to Food Based Supplements
I take Rainbow Light Certified Organics Women's Multivitamins because they are food based and easy to digest even on an empty stomach. Still, most vitamins are better absorbed if taken along with meals. I take two capsules before breakfast and another two with lunch so I'm set for the day, whatever I'm doing: running, cycling walking, skating, snowshoeing. These are women specific and loaded with helpful herbs, enzymes and power foods for complete nutrition and improved absorption. See all of their nutritional systems at

Organic, Food Based Multivitamins for Women by Rainbow Light

8.) Try Some New Cuisines Which Offer Less Fat
This year, you can explore new flavors and exotic cuisines that don't rely on lots of fat, salt and sugar to taste good. Asian and Indian populations don't have obesity levels anywhere near Western Europe so this is a great place to start. I tried Tandoor Chef over the holidays and enjoyed the flavors, textures and portion control of the Indian entrees. They are very healthy, lower in fat and absolutely delicious restaurant quality meals. Find them at Wegman's and other food stores in the frozen section.

Steamed Dumplings, Tandoor Chicken and Palak Paneer Spinach Samosas
9.) Try High Intensity Workouts with Weights
You might be very surprised to know that Candice Swanepoel of Victoria's Secret Angel fame does little or no cardio. Instead she does a lot of weight and resistance training. Lifting weights helps build muscle which constantly burns calories. Done at high intensity, it is very fast and perfect for those of us who have very little available time.
Walk it Off: If you have to make that Pilates or Zumba class, try walking (or Scootering!) instead of driving. It will warm you up for the gym, burn extra calories and keep down air pollution in your community.

10.) Get Some Quality Sleep AND Boost Your Immune System
Studies have now concluded that we need between 6-8 solid hours of quality REM cycled sleep each night. Oh people may brag how they are able to get by on much less but this is downtime for your body to repair itself. According to the CDC, this winter is shaping up to be another epidemic year for the flu! With only one teaspoon of this delicious Black Elderberry Night Time Syrup, you can take care of both concerns naturally.
Elderberries are known for boosting immunity as they are rich in flavonoid anthocyanins and antioxidants. The added herbs (namely lemongrass and California poppy) help you to relax for a good night's sleep. Combine with a Lavender Sleep Mask and you'll be in La La Land in no time.  Find this and the regular Black Elderberry Syrup at

Nutritional supplements, health and beauty products c/o the companies mentioned herewith

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