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Holiday Gift Guide - Designer Jewelry Presents in Gold, Silver and Precious Gems

Silver Vines Cuff made by Old Delhi artisans in India. Via WorldVision
The Holidays are coming! Check out the gift giving updates to my Best Picks-Lucky Gift Guide. This year what's hot are handmade artisan pieces in precious metals and jewels. Why? Well, it  has a lot to do with an artistic concept executed in the piece itself. Of course bespoke or one off jewelry is height of good taste but here are some pieces that are uniquely beautiful with artisan fingerprints all over them!

Pyrite Stardust Bracelets by Designer Jaimie Nicole
Iron Pyrite, otherwise known as "Fools Gold" makes this set of bracelets sparkle with gem like quality. 

Pyrite Stardust Bracelets and Earrings by Jaimie Nicole.

Pyrite with Stardust Bracelets. 6x8mm faceted rondelle pyrite beads with choice of one one 8mm 14k gold filled or one sterling silver stardust bead. Visit for more designs.

Pyrite Stardust Bracelets at Manhattan Proper
Stone Agate Guitar Pick Necklace
Crafted by Artisan Studio Works in sunny California by musician and designer Greg Atkin.
Beautifully polished translucent agate doubles as a guitar pick! Inter-changeable, you can change the stones to go with your outfit. Take them to a gig for yourself or the lead guitarist!

These Stone Picks come gift boxed
You can give these as jewelry or a guitar pick or BOTH. Each is one of a kind due to the uniqueness of the natural stones.

Wearing the Stone Pick for a gig!

Silver Vines Cuff by Old Dehli Indian Artisan from World Vision Gifts
World Vision is an amazing humanitarian organization who publishes a gift catalog each year of wonderful opportunities to purchase farm livestock, fish and other empowering necessities for independent living.
The Silver Vines Cuff is an adjustable sterling silver bracelet crafted by Old Delhi India Artisans. This beautiful bracelet is a FREE GIFT in consideration of a donation of $85 or more. So for that amount you will receive this bracelet AND purchase 10 ducks, a fishing kit and 2 chickens, a goat or 5 ducks + 2 chickens for a needy family.The best gift is one that keeps on giving! See more charity gifting opportunities and Christmas presents that give back at the website.

Detail on the Silver Vines Bracelet
Silver Vines Cuff is adjustable.
Vanesa Farfan Leather and Cord and Silver Wrap Necklace/Bracelet
This transitional piece is just so much fun for a Resort Holiday at the beach or tropics. Why, well, you can choose to wear it as a bracelet OR a necklace. Premium leather with sterling silver jewels. One of my favorites along with her AMETHYST, AQUA, GREEN, WHITE AND PINK CHALCEDONY LONG GOLD NECKLACE  pictured below, both from

Cord and Silver Bracelet/Necklace by Vanesa Farfan

Cate and Chloe Turquoise Earrings
Cate and Chloe offer a monthly subscription service where you can receive lovely pieces like these gorgeous earrings. I love the Native American vibe and the setting is very pretty. Makes the perfect gift for the jewelry lover on your list this year.

Cate and Chloe Turquoise earrings.

Cate and Chloe's subscription is a great value and I was very impressed with the monthly installments of jewelry. The turquoise earrings were part of the fall box are were perfect for my fashion photo-shoot for Carve Designs of CA.

Cate and Chloe Turquoise Earring in the Carve Designs shoot.

Gold Druzy Necklace by Designer Jaimie Nicole
If you look at the photo above, I am also wearing this Gold Druzy Necklace by jewelry designer Jaime Nicole. What I especially like about this piece is the delicate gold chain which has the designer's tag or signature attached. Such "signature" pieces are far more desirable as they show that they were made by an actual designer and not simply copied for mass production. See it at

Diana Kauffman River Rock Bracelet and Jaimie Nocole's Gold Druzy Necklace.
Diana Kauffman Designer Jewelry
The River Rock Bracelet in the above photo is by Pittsburgh jewelry designer, Diana Kauffman.
I probably wear Diana's pieces more on an everyday basis because of their natural and organic beauty as well as their ease of wear.

Diana Kauffman River Rock & Sea Stars Bracelets

The River Rock & Sea Stars Leather Bracelets have a magnetic clasp and beautifully polished stones or "rocks". Great for the outdoorsy nature lover on your list!  See more designer jewelry pieces at

Wearing the River Rock Bracelet by Diana Kauffman

Jewelry pieces c/o the respective designers so mentioned herewith.

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