Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hair Salon Products for Pro Results at Home

You only need a few products to achieve soft shiny hair at home.
As the cooler, dryer air of fall into winter advances, we may find ourselves in an uphill battle to keep our locks healthy and shiny. One of the problems is caused by dryer air generated by indoor heating appliances. This included fireplaces which are oh so charming to sit by and roast chestnuts over. Your hair is also being baked!

So this is my short list of salon products I'm using right now that I've picked up during an appointment as recommended by some of NY's top hair stylists. Here we go:

Curlisto Haircare Collection
Developed by Christo of Christo Fifth Avenue in NYC, the man himself gave me the three smaller samples after my appointment a few weeks ago when his salon did my hair,nails and makeup for the ITNY's 2014 Benefit Gala
The Wall Street Journal and Women's Wear Daily have dubbed Christo "The King of Curls" as this celebrity stylist began his career at the tender age of 12 in his family's salon on the Greek Isle of Cyprus. His approach to curly hair is revolutionary, focusing first on nourishing it with ingredients that specifically address its unique challenges.

The Botanical Shampoo was lovely but what really got my attention was his Botanical Rinse. It really detangles and softens your hair like nothing I've ever used. So much so that I purchased a full sized bottle as seen here at my last visit to Christo's salon. 

The Deep Therapy Masque is also very good and reminds me of my favorite Mer-rouge Deep Conditioning Mask by Molton Brown - London. The Curlisto line is designed for curly hair but does not discriminate against straight. It is simply amazing and available online at

Styling Helps
Nexxus Humectress Luxe Ultimate Moisture Leave In Spray is my favorite go-to after shampoo conditioner. My other is It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Plus Keratin which is great if you are going to flat iron or curl your hair as it is also protects against heat.

Bumble and bumble's Bb Tonic Lotion is great for bringing out the luster of darker hair shades as it contains Tea Tree, Nettle and Rosemary essential oils which are also good for your scalp's health. It's a rich mix of vitamins and perfect for blow drying. I was turned on to this product by Commisso and Company of Port Washington, LI. 

Pro Tip: Just keep in mind that with these leave in products, a little goes are really long way. Most of us use far too much product which can weigh the hair down.

Natural Oils, Shine Boosters
dp HUE do Professional Oil Therapy
This product is an elegant blend of Argan oil, liquid shea butter with vitamins A & E. This is made for hair that is particularly dry or stressed. I like how it absorbs quickly and offers a rich shine. It also helps to speed drying time. It does contain Dimethecone as the second ingredient which is the only "con" I can cite however a little is all you need and the results are very impressive. Smells SO good too. Made in the UK. Visit online.

CapriClear 100% Coconut Oil Spray
This is a very versatile coconut oil spray which unlike regular coconut butter, stays liquid even in cooler temperatures. Fractionated means this is coconut oil in its purest form without scent, color or preservatives. A little disappointing in the fragrance department because I really like the smell of coconut oil. All the same nothing beats this after a bath or shower as a super moisturizing and 100% natural spray. Made in the USA. Visit them online at

Pro Tip: To avoid weighing hair down with too much oil product, add less than a dime sized amount or half spritz to a boar bristle hair brush. You can even get them in 3 inch rounds for blow outs. The natural bristles are soft and evenly distribute the oil throughout your hair leaving it very soft and shiny. Natural boar hair is also more gentle on damp hair.

Picking up some more Curlisto Products! Christo of Christo 5th Ave.

My hair and makeup by Ray - Top Designer, c/o Christo Fifth Avenue
Pyrite Bracelets by Jaimie Nicole

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