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Skin Beautifying Antioxidants You Need to Try: MitoQ, Neocell & Dr. Perricone

Antioxidants work best when taken internally and used externally.
As you may know, I am a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Pharmacology expert,(Rutgers College of Pharmacy alumna). When I wrote, The Secret of Staying Young, (Lotus Press), I emphasized the importance of adding antioxidants to your diet and skincare routine. I stand by this advice as it means keeping my skin fresh and clear despite spending my summers swimming, cycling and running. All of that UV damage adds up so I've found a way to actually reverse it. Here how I do it:

My book published by Lotus Press
Vitamin C Serums
The best way to get a fresh antioxidant boost in the morning is to start with a potent Vitamin C Peptide Serum. Apply this after cleansing to help undo free radical damage and fade sun spots.

Top Two Vitamin C Serums to Try:

1).  G.M. Collin Vitamin C + Peptide Serum

2.)  Sublime Beauty Retinol Serum with Vitamin C

After gently cleansing and exfoliating, use a potent Vitamin C Serum
Antioxidant Moisturizers
After applying my vitamin C serum(s) which are very light and thin, I like to "seal the deal" with a really good antioxidant moisturizer. I've found MitoQ Power Antioxidant to be in a class all its own and have been using it since last October. It is very different in that it delivers a healthy payload of antioxidants, namely CoQ deep within the mitochondria of your cells and is 847 times more potent than any other topical cream containing this co-enzyme.

MitoQ Power Antioxidant Supplements and Moisturizer
MitoQ Power Antioxidant Moisturizer works by protecting both skin fibroblasts within the deeper dermis and keratinocytes in the outer layer or epidermis. This means more youthful levels of collagen and elastin. When I apply it, I can actually feel it sinking down into my skin. It is like a wave of moisture going deep into the layers. No greasy residue, just a plump, moist and very firm skin toning effect. MitoQ has scientific studies showing its efficacy but my proof is in the mirror. MitoQ has reversed some of the sun damage I've gotten as I am outdoors a lot. As you can see in this fashion photo below, my skin simply glows from within.

PHOTO by Kenneth Deutsch of Headshots, NYC

MitoQ Targeted Antioxidant Supplement
Getting that lit from within look also means taking a daily antioxidant supplement. I've been taking MitoQ Targeted Antioxidant capsules since last fall. I especially believe it works as a synergy with the topical MitoQ Power Antioxidant Moisturizer. The 5 mg capsules are easy to swallow and I take one or two every morning when I get up. This same supplement has been extensively studied for its efficacy in dealing with degenerative diseases like MS so it is something to seriously consider adding to your diet to help your skin and body both look and perform younger. It can likewise help slow free radical damage which accumulates with age. Learn more about MitoQ products & research studies online HERE

NeoCell Beauty Infusion
Another good antioxidant beauty supplement you can take is by NeoCell known for my fave Beauty Bursts Collagen Chews. Although I just started taking this, it looks like another winner but in a delicious Tangerine Twist flavor. Blend a scoop of Beauty Infusion in 8 oz of water first thing in the morning for a burst of beta carotene and vitamin C along with 6,000 mgs of collagen and 3,000 mcgs of biotin which is by the way, amazing for your hair.

Sunscreen Year Round
I'm sure you're aware that just because summer is over doesn't mean we can abandon use of sunblock. After moisturizing, the next step is to use a natural sunscreen with antioxidants and botanicals. I've been using Sulwhasoo Age Veil, SPF 30 and Elizabeth Arden's Triple Protection Factor Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, SPF 50 which is more like a tinted moisturizer. What you want are sunblocks with a physical sunscreen, namely the newer products like these containing titanium and zinc dioxides.

EA's TPF Physical Sunscreen SPF 50

Sulwhasoo Age Veil at Crystal Springs Resort this summer.
Dr. Perricone No Foundation, Foundation Serum - Sephora & Ulta
This is something new I picked up at Sephora. Dr. Perricone is well known for his acne skin care line but this new serum goes beyond your usual tinted moisturizers. The serum is very light, watery in fact and you only need about four drops to do your face and neck. Coverage is very sheer but offers a mineral sunscreen with a SPF 30. It feels like nothing on your skin but makes it look flawless. I did not need the optional bronzer as the color right from the bottle is just fine. I would mix it with Kett Shimmers to match my tan. Just be warned that No Foundation, Foundation Serum's universal tint is quite warm making it perfect for golden skin tones. 

I like that this formula offers sun protection and some antioxidants but you can find a less expensive dupe with La Roche Posay's Sunscreen which offers an SPF of 50. La Roche Posay is also available at CVS in case you don't have a Sephora or Ulta store nearby.

So give these products a try this season. They will go a long way towards undoing the sun damage from summer and repair your skin in time for the Holidays. Better still, you'll not only look fabulous but you'll feel incredible too!

Hair: Esther Tobias of Fortune Fashions, NYC
Makeup: Kett Cosmetics Hydro Air Brush Foundation, NYC
Photography: Kenneth Deutsch, Headshots for Fortune Fashions, NYC
Power Antioxidant Moisturizer & Supplements c/o MitoQ
Beauty Infusion c/o Neocell

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