Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trio of Body Firming - Toning - Tanning Creams from Karin Herzog

As you've most likely guessed, I am a big fan of going to the spa for facials and body treatments of all types. I also like to make my appearances toned and tanned but my work and travel schedule often means having to be on location on a moment's notice. I often don't have time to book such appointments as a result. So I've made it my business to find the BEST products to use at home. I've been disappointed by many but impressed by only a few. Here are my favorites from Karin Herzog:

Silhouette Body Cream
Silhouette Body Cream is step one in the set of two products used for firming, smoothing and lessening the appearance of that dreaded cellulite. The brush is included with the Silhouette & Tonus B12 body set and reminds me of what is used in the day spa. The Oxygen factor in this product is also something that you will find at the top spas and retreats. Silhouette Body Cream has salicylic acid which is recommended for keratosis pilaris and acne as it gently dissolves excess keratin and sebum in the skin. It also has vitamin E and Cinnamon oil so it is the perfect first step. Cream is very light in texture and easily absorbed.

Tonus B12 Draining Body Cream
Tonus B12 Body Cream is step two in this body beautiful routine. It is recommended for use after the Silhouette but has a similar profile of ingredients including the Oxygen benefit. Use it alone or with the Silhouette Body Cream. Very creamy and light without being greasy.

Tone & Tan
Tone & Tan is the icing on the cake as it is one of the best self-tanners I've tried this summer. Add in the "firm benefits" and you have a really exceptional product that instantly makes you look sleeker and leaner. Hey the Victoria's Secret runway models use this technique all the time and then run a highlighting strip down the front of their legs for even greater effect. It works!

This trio is packed and ready to go!

All of Karin Herzog's Swiss formulas are made in the laboratory of Dr. Paul and Karin Herzog. Check them out online at

Body creams c/o Karin Herzog, SA
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