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Red Light Therapy and MORE Hollywood Beauty Secrets from Actor and Model Louisa Graves

Author, Actor and Model Louisa Graves, is Hollywood's Beauty Guru.
In Hollywood, an actor's stock in trade includes great acting skills and a film-worthy physical appearance. Louisa Graves is a gorgeous stand in for silver screen A-listers like Penelope Cruz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner and Andie MacDowell. She is also a body parts model having appeared in many commercials. You know the finger that pokes the Pillsbury Dough Boy or the hand that "ding, ding, dings" the crystal glass in the Fancy Feast commercials? That's Louisa Graves at work!

LED Red Light Therapy
As I was searching for a new LED Treatment light to replace my antiquated yet still functioning one, I came across Louisa's website. What impressed me is that she has a LOT of information such as books, a newsletter and skincare products to augment use of her LED Lights. Her unit offers both Red and invisible Infrared LED lights that tests have shown affect at least 24 positive skin changes at the cellular level. This includes: boosting collagen and elastin production, fading fine lines wrinkles and crows feet.

LED panels produce both Red and Infrared light waves.
Multiple Health Benefits
What sets this unit apart from others I've seen is the fact that the two panels are very lightweight and removable. You can sit in front of the panels mounted on the stand and do your face in 17 minutes as the unit has a beeping timer and automatically shuts off when your treatment is done. Take the panels off the stand and you can use the straps that accompany them to position them over sore muscles or joints. This is one of the BEST treatments you can have as pain relief is nearly immediate.

LED panels can be positioned over sore muscles and joints.
Perhaps this is why LED Light Therapy treatments are offered at some of the country's top rated spas and resorts. Very effective, such light therapy has been in use for nearly 40 years. Recommended use is one 17 minute treatment per day which is easy enough to do with this self-timing unit.

Louisa's Skincare Line-Hollywood Beauty Secrets
While it is not required to use anything besides the LED Lights for skin rejuvenation, it's great to see that Louisa has thought enough to make a line of skincare products to amplify the treatment benefits. I've been trying her Skin Uplift Serum, Night Perfect Serum and Ultimate Age Proofing Complex over the last two weeks. The Night Perfect Serum is very concentrated as it contains a very high concentration of Matrixyl peptides and blows the doors off any other similar product I've tried. Really, you need only the smallest amount but the next morning you will notice your skin looking very supple and deeply moisturized.

Night Perfect Serum, Skin Uplift Serum and Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex
Serums & Creams
Personally, I prefer to layer my products so having a compatible line is very important. The Skin Uplift Serum is water based and very fluid so put that on first after cleansing. It is rich in DMAE, Matrixyl and Argireline peptides with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. Keep in mind that collagen molecules are actually too large to be absorbed and used by the skin's matrix however the peptides help stimulate your own production. Lastly the Ultimate Age Proofing Complex has a maximum percent of epidermal growth factor, peptides and antioxidants. Very rich and creamy but sinks in quickly without leaving an oily feel. One of the things that I like about Louisa's line is that she is scrupulously against using chemical fragrances or parabens of any kind. I have not had any breakouts or reactions to these products as a result. Just beautiful glowing skin that looked amazing at a pool party I attended over the weekend.

Age-Proof...The Book
I would highly recommend that you also pick up Louisa's book, Age-Proof Beauty Alternatives You Need to Know which is chock full of natural health and beauty tips and at home spa recipes you can make yourself for pennies. I really like her nutrition based tips, (as a Certified Nutritional Consultant I suppose I would!) and Louisa's Healthy Meal and Snack Recipes in the back of the book. If you want an inside look at how Hollywood stars keep their edge then you need to read Age-Proof. Do visit for more information or to order the LED Therapy Light and beauty products.

LED Light, skincare products and book c/o Hollywood Beauty Secrets

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