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New Skincare Secrets from Sublime Beauty - Face Whisperer Collection

Two exceptional skincare products from Sublime Beauty!
I've always believed in taking care of my skin. I've had European facials each month and then I began purchasing spa-quality products for every day use at home. So over the past year or so I've found some pretty amazing dupes for my home spa facials.

Sublime Beauty
What I like about Sublime Beauty is that the company's CEO, Kathy H. understands that true skincare beauty starts from within. She and I are also on the same page when it comes to Dry Brushing which is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin glowing and gorgeous. I would recommend starting off with those two basic products: Phytoceramides + Dry Skin Brushing. Within a week you will notice that you do not need bottles of body oil or lotion after your bath. Your skin's tone will also improve looking buffed and more toned.

I recommend starting with Phytoceramides & Dry Brushing
Once you get your "glow on" by improving your lymphatic and circulatory functions, you can begin applying high quality serums and creams to the outside. The Phytoceramides work from within and you only need ONE capsule first thing in the morning. That's it! However the moisture level and plumpness of your skin from the supplements means that whatever you put on top is simply the "icing on the cake".

Sublime Beauty Face Whisperer Line
Two products from this line I would not want to be without are the Face Whisperer for Neck and Decollete and the Face Whisperer Day Cream with Argireline. Do keep an eye out for new products with this ingredient as I have it on good advice from a colleague in the Hollywood movie industry. Argireline and Peptides are the new watch-words in skincare going into 2015 and this one day cream is rich in both.

A Day cream that is rich in Argireline & Peptides
As seen on the website:
Trylagen® is also included, a formula to boost and protect your collagen. Your skin is hydrated and moisturized with pleasant botanical ingredients, such as cucumber, carrot, aloe, avocado and sweet almond.
This unique formula acts like a natural form of Botox by helping to relax the skin and diminish wrinkles. It is very light, non-greasy and has no fragrance. My skin just drinks this cream up! Even though it has some Sweet Almond and Mineral Oil added, I haven't noticed any breakouts after using it.

Two more favorite formulas from Sublime Beauty
Face Whisperer Neck & Decollete Cream is another favorite of mine from the FW Collection. We often do not pay ample attention to this delicate area until it's too late but this cream will quickly bring you back from years of neglect. Personally, I apply the Face Whisperer Neck & Decollete cream and Collagen Serum just before my Caribbean Sun Light Therapy Treatment each morning. Within one week I noticed a difference in the tiny fine lines around my mouth and eyes. Pretty impressive. Click here to see how I use these products with LED Light Therapy.

This Neck and Decollete formula is very similar to the Face Whisperer Day with Argireline cream but comes in an airless pump dispenser which I believe keeps the ingredients more stable. Here is the description from the website:

Our rich Face Whisperer® Neck & Decollete moisturizes deeply and includes Argireline®, the natural botox. It also includes coconut oil, lemongrass, green tea, arnica and aloe.  Use twice daily for best results. 

Now, I really don't have too many problems with my neck and decollete as I religiously apply G.M. Collin SPF 50+ Sunblock everyday rain or shine. Still it is a very good insurance policy for future lines and wrinkles.

Sublime Beauty Collagen Serum Peptide Rich is very light so I like to apply it before the richer creams which contain oil. It sinks into the skin like water so you can easily  use up a container very quickly. Here's the 411 from the SB website:

Our Collagen Peptide serum features the active ingredient Matrixyl®. Matrixyl® can double collagen production. Collagen production slows down as we age, a contributing factor to wrinkles and sagging.  Aloe also hydrates while the hyaluronic serum smooths and plumps.
This serum is light and airy, easily absorbed.

All of the Sublime Beauty products I've tried have been very moisturizing and gentle on my skin. These products listed and mentioned here are just my personal favorites and I'm sure they will be yours also. Visit to see all of their skincare products and formulas.

Skincare products and brush c/o Sublime Beauty, FL

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