Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Menu Ideas with Krupps Egg Express and Evol Foods

 Krups Egg Express & Evol Egg Sandwiches

July has "Fry An Egg On A Sidewalk Day" and we've been celebrating with these delicious and very "egg-ceptional" menu ideas. Eggs are more than just for breakfast these days. Loaded with protein, choline and essential nutrients, they give you a beauty boost for long, healthy, shiny hair. Thanks to new technology, almost anyone can turn out a perfect poached or hard boiled egg for endless recipes and salads.

Krups Egg Express holds six large eggs

Krups Egg Express
Egg cookery just got a whole lot easier thanks to this little portable unit that takes up very little space. Choose preset directions on Krups Egg Express for soft, medium soft and hard boiled egg cooking times. Using the included egg needle, poke a hole in the top of each egg on the rack. Set the timer to the desired setting and wait for the alarm, (which is very loud)! Set it and the unit will call you when your boiled eggs are done.

Poached Eggs These are often very hard to pull off but this unit does a decent job of making delicious, uniform poached eggs. Using the two included half round pans, be sure to add a bit of oil so you can get the eggs out when they are done. We've had to adjust the timing on these because they have sometimes come out over or under-cooked. You'll have to experiment for yourself on how long is "too long" according to your preferential tastes. All the same the Egg Express makes some of the best hard boiled eggs imaginable. See more models at Krups.com

Poached Eggs
Evol Foods Egg Sandwiches, Burritos & Wraps
Made by Phil's Fresh Foods, the Evol line of healthy breakfast sandwiches touts eggs from cage-free chickens. The sandwiches are served on multi-grain flatbread and include wholesome foods like spinach, kale, Gouda and Cheddar cheeses and a variety of uncured hams and sausages.

Evol regular and Lean & Fit Breakfast Sandwiches
I like the small flatbread sandwiches as they are very quick to make. Just wrap them in a paper towel and heat in the microwave for under a minute and a half. Let sit for 1 minute more and eat! Great if you have an early morning commute. Breakfast to go without stopping at Dunkin' Donuts. If you are watching your fat intake, they make Egg White based sandwiches in a wide variety of flavors as well.

Let's Wrap This Up
The Evol wraps and burritos are equally as good however the Bacon and Egg variety had mostly roasted potatoes with not much of the other namesake ingredients. They are also a bit trickier to heat in the microwave so you may want to take the extra time to heat them in the oven. Even so, 1 Evol Bacon & Egg Burrito gives you a respectable 11 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber and 14 gm total fat. If you want to cut even more fat from your diet, go with the Lean & Fit Line of Burritos which is made with egg whites. The egg white varieties bring it down to only 8 gm total fat and 260 calories. Much less than a fast food burrito. Want to see more Evol Foods? Visit them online EvolFoods.com

Evol Breakfast sandwich on multi-grain flatbread

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