Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pampering Gifts for Mother's Day

Relaxing Bed Buddy Herbal Compresses for Mother's Day Pampering

Mother's Day is so special! Mom always knows how to pamper us even as adults. How about returning the favor? Here are some comfy-cozy gifts sure to soothe and please. Mom will thank you all year long:

Comfort Wrap in Lavender Rose

This is my absolute favorite! It can be either chilled or heated in the microwave. Great for after a run or times of the month when cramps and backaches crop up.

Filled with flaxseeds and essential oils of Lavender & Rose, this wrap smells amazing as it incorporates thermal therapy with Aromatherapy all at once. Comes in other herbal scents as well.

Relaxation Mask in Lavender

Lavender is known to help relieve stress and induce sleep so using a mask like this is the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. Pop it in the fridge to help take down puffy eyes and offer migraine relief. Warm it up as a compress for sinus problems. 

The Lavender will send Mom into La La Land while the mask blocks annoying light for a perfect night's sleep.

Foot Warmers in Lavender Mint

I gave a pair like these as a gift one time and they were really appreciated. These Foot Warmers can be put in the microwave for a minute or two and popped on tired or cold feet for an immediate boost. Mint as well as Lavender are natural pain relievers so these booties are perfect after a hard day on your feet.

The Bed Buddy Wrap, Mask and Foot Warmers are all made by Carex Health Brands and available at most major retailers including Target, Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond.

Juverest - The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

Juverest Pillow
I just got this Juverest Pillow and plan to take it with me to Crystal Springs Spa & Resort in May. It is designed to support your neck and shoulders so that your face does not press into the pillow (thus causing wrinkles). I currently use a Tempur Pedic Memory Foam Neck Pillow on their mattress made of the same material. I'll follow up with a full review after testing. Still this might also be a great pampering gift for Mom especially if she's not quite happy with her current bed pillow. See the full Juverest story online at

Wrap, Mask & Foot Warmers c/o Bed Buddy

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