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Holiday Party Prep - Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

Model Secrets: Hot Rollers are used backstage at fashion shows for an instant set and style.
Backstage at many NYC fashion shows, you'll see makeup artists and hair stylists busy at work. Let me tell you, it is CRAZY back there and the models need to have their hair ready to go for the next outfit. Curling irons are great but I've also seen hot rollers being used....however not like these!

Calista Ion Hot Rollers
I have a very lovely old school set of Caruso hot rollers in my closet. I brought them back in the day when I was doing runway work but they never really got hot enough to do very much and they were hard to place in my long hair. I saw these Calista Tools on QVC and really liked how easy and fast they were to get super results. Best of all, you have the option of ordering the blue rollers for longer hair. They worked SO well too! You get 12 rollers and all of them heat at the same time so no waiting or rotating unless you want super tight curls. Either way, you can reheat them as the rollers heat up in only 3-5 minutes.

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers all fit on the heating unit at once.
Using Hot Rollers
The base of the Clasita Tools Ion Hot Rollers has a shut off switch which is unique as most hot roller sets do not. This means you can leave it plugged in and ready to go for an early morning appointment or a quick transition for the evening.  These rollers are VERY easy to put in and even if you're all thumbs like me, you will not burn your fingers. The heating mechanism is inside the roller so you can get them in place without a problem. If your hair in long like mine, you'll appreciate the longer rollers. I was able to do my entire mop in under 15 minutes. As I was putting the last rollers in, I was taking the first ones out. The result was soft, shiny curls that did not look or feel fried as can sometimes happen with a curling iron.

This is my hairstyle using the Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers for the first time.
How Are These Hot Rollers Different?
According to Calista, their Hot Rollers infuse the hair with ion technology for shine and strength. You don't need to shampoo your hair before using them either. I used them on my hair dry after only a spritz of Garnier Fructis Flat Iron Protectant Spray. The photo above was taken at the end of the day and even the next day, my hair had great body and a bit of wavy curl. If I had used hairspray, the curls would have been more defined and lasted even longer. I've never seen a hot roller set with an option of LONG rollers like this. Those alone are worth the price of the ticket as they heat evenly and curl so well. 

Here are more details about Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers:
Who is it for: All hair types--fine, coarse, thin, thick, short, long, layered, or one-length hair. Everyone can get body, voluminous wave, and/or perfect curls in a short amount of time. The Ionic Hot Rollers also come with a travel case, so creating perfect curls is easy anywhere you travel.

Why is it different: These state-of-the-art curl rollers have the PTC heating element in the roller itself, allowing the rollers to heat quickly and stay hot longer. Also, to promote healthy-looking hair, Ion technology infuses multi-element mineral powders into each roller when it is cast, lasting the life of the roller. This technology infuses moisture, which results in extra body and added shine.

How do I use it: Plug in the base, place the rollers on it, and watch the red dot on the top of the roller turn dark in three minutes, letting you know they are heated. Roll sections of your hair onto a roller and use a clip to hold in place. Your long-lasting curl will be ready within three minutes, but the longer you leave the rollers in, the more tightly shaped the curl becomes. Because of the Ion technology, you will find the hot rollers add much more volume and curl to the hair. For softer looks, use less rollers than you would normally use with traditional rollers.


  • Base with 12 roller stations
  • 12 rollers: Short includes six 1"diameter x 2-1/2"L rollers and six 1-1/4"diameter x 2-1/2"L rollers; Long includes 12 1"diameter x 5-1/2"L rollers
  • 12 plastic butterfly clips
  • Zippered nylon travel case
  • ETL-listed base
Why Hot Rollers are HOT (again)!
These rollers are fast and extremely easy to use. I was so impressed with my first try using the long rods. To get the most natural looking curls, alternate the wrapping direction as you go. Fluff or run through the strands after your locks have cooled a bit to release the body and bounce. Hot rollers do not crease or leave indentations in your hair and you can just add wave with body by putting more hair on each curler. As for styling I also like to use a soft Boar Bristle Brush on my hair as it is more gentle and imparts a lovely shine.

My Long Roller Set of the Calista Tools
Party Prep
These would make the perfect Holiday Gift so I've added them to my Lucky Gift Guide! If you get these for Christmas, you will be so prepped for those New Year's Eve parties you've been invited to. The little black bag is perfect for travel so you can take them along if you are going away for the Holidays. See what else is new from Calista Tools at

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers c/o QVC

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