Friday, November 1, 2013

TV Time! The Perfect White Shirt by The Field Outfitting

The Field Outfitting's Perfect White Shirt arrival at QVC TV Studios.
What is the Perfect White Shirt and Why You Need One:
I have a very hectic schedule and I'm sure you do too. No matter what your schedule or lifestyle just like that LBD you NEED a Perfect White Shirt. Why? Well, because from business meetings to an evening out, white is always right. Not only does it brighten your face, (I also do television shows and white is recommended for that too), but it looks crisp and fresh for nearly any occasion. Dress it up or down with jewelry and it transitions from day to night seamlessly.

The Field Outfitting's Perfect White Shirt comes elegantly presented.
The Perfect White Shirt Travels Well
One of the things I look for in a garment is design but also comfort. The Field Outfitting's Perfect White Shirt has just a touch of Lycra for a bit of stretch. This makes this shirt wrinkle resistant too so it travels well. A tailored fit, you won't look as if you are wearing a boxy man's shirt.

The Perfect White Shirt is travel-ready: Limo ride to the studio.

Style Points
I always appreciate a garment that gives you a little something extra.  The Perfect White Shirt has lovely accents easily seen in the elongated cuffs and genuine pearl buttons.

Arriving on the set! Here I am with Mary, co-producer and host of QVC TV.
Fresh and Polished
So this is why you need the Perfect White Shirt. I've dressed mine up for the evening with a beautiful Golden Jasper and silver necklace my husband gave me last Christmas. Even after a two hour car ride, my shirt looks fresh and polished doesn't it? That's the sign of a quality garment!

Television Ready: On QVC's set with one of my favorite cosmetic lines, L'Occitane. I'll be featuring QVC Easy Gift - Memoirs of a Hand Cream Set in my Lucky Gift Guide!
White Shirt c/o The Field Outfitting

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