Thursday, October 17, 2013

In The Kitchen With David - QVC's Resident Foodie

QVC's resident foodie and cookbook author, David Venable and Dr. M share recipes, tips & fun ahead of the live airing of David's Food Court.
WEST CHESTER, PA A lovely time was had by all who attended the live airing of David's Food Court on QVC, Wednesday October 16th. This was really two television shows in one, (In the Kitchen With David + David's Food Court) which also included a simultaneous live podcast so that our west coast friends could join in. Before David went on, he graciously gave me a one on one interview which we have here for you in HD:

QVC Studio Park
We were warmly received by QVC representatives who made us feel so at home. In addition to a sumptuous sampling of some of David's recent Divine Swine offerings (get this, Bacon Jam?) we also enjoyed his very creamy Mac and Cheese and Apple Slaw & Bacon Jam on bruschetta.

David served us Bruschetta topped with his Bacon Jam and Apple Slaw along with his Ultimate Mac and Cheese
QVC TV Studio: Behind the Scenes Look
We were then given a behind the scenes tour of the studio where we saw Emeril and David in action. A lot of technical work and expertise is required to keep everything running smoothly. The programs don't only offer entertainment, but they provide viewers with help and insight on products they may wish to buy after seeing them on the air.

Sunny, David and Haylie are tonight's judges on David's Food Court
And the Winner Is...
Jill Martin! Her Chicken Parmesan Sliders smelled so delicious cooking! The presentation was fresh and creative too. Star Jones' Lobster Mac and Cheese looked really good too but there could only be one winner and the television audience was able to cast their vote via David's Facebook Page. Visit him there and at the QVC website for more recipes, kitchen tips and just plain FUN!

"In the Kitchen With David" cookbook made my "Lucky Gift Guide" this year so check it out!

I want to especially thank QVC and Domain PR for the wonderful invitation and hospitality at the Studio Park. An unforgettable event, I hope to be back again soon.

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