Friday, October 25, 2013

Dairy-Free Ice Cream Social: Tofutti

A Dairy-Free, vegan alternative to ice cream that tastes just as delicious!
The holidays are all but here and if you are like me and like to entertain, you might want to try some of these dairy free dessert ideas from Tofutti. I remember shopping in Sam's Club a few years back and saw a woman taking a box of Tofutti Cuties Frozen Dessert Sandwiches from out of the freezer. I asked how they tasted and she said, "Delicious! Just like ice cream."  She went on to say that she was purchasing them for her daughter's slumber party as some of her guests were lactose intolerant. I thought that was very considerate! No one wants to be left out when others are happily enjoying such yummy things.  It's also the sign of a good host to make everyone comfortable.

Tofutti Butter Pecan Premium Pints.
Tofutti Pints
What I like about Tofutti is that there is no concession on the part of texture or flavor. If someone gave this to you in a dish, you would think it was good old fashioned, creamy ice cream. Of course you'd be wrong but the flavors, texture and mouth feel are all spot on. Tofutti Premium Pints come in seven delicious flavors: Almond Bark, Better Pecan, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, Chocolate, Vanilla Fudge, Vanilla, and Wild Berry Supreme. You can make a sundae with it, or even layer it for a frozen dessert cake. No milk or animal products. Now you have something to offer your son's girlfriend who's come for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and loudly proclaims: "I'm vegan!"

Tofutti Yours Truly Triple Happiness Chocolate Cone
Tofutti Cones
If you like those ice cream Drumsticks, you'll be just as pleased, if not more so with Tofutti's Yours Truly Triple Happiness Chocolate Cones. Yes, it's quite a mouthful but so are these cones! Even the cone itself is chocolate. So rich. These are really fun to pass around at parties because people aren't expecting an ice cream cone in the wintertime. Same thing for Frozen Dessert Novelties when the Good Humor truck is no longer riding around.

Tofutti Novelties: Cafe Latte is a scrumptious coffee lover's dessert. Tofutti Cuties are small, delicious sandwiches, perfect for little children's hands.

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