Saturday, September 14, 2013

British Tweed Vancouver Style #LFW

These stylish Vancouver ladies know a thing or two about Tweed. The Vancouver Charity Tweed Ride rolls out on September 15th 2013.
Vancouver, B.C. The lovely cycling dames and gents of the Vancouver Tweed Ride know a thing or two about this traditional British country style. While it's London Fashion Week, there are some very fashionable offerings going on across the pond in British Columbia. These members of the Vancouver Tweed Ride show that it's perfectly possible and pleasurable to be active while "dressed up". Their style is impeccable with a nod to tradition. Who knew you could look THIS chic riding a bicycle? They did.

Beige Herringbone Tweed Bicycle Helmet by Lazer

Getting Tweedy
Tweed is a rough, unfinished woolen fabric that resembles cheviot or homespun. I used to spin wool from our Finn Sheep on the estate and softness as well as texture can vary depending on the breed of sheep used. Tweed was popular in Great Britain for outdoor activities such as hunting and horseback riding. Two common forms of Tweed you'll see today are plain or twill weave which can have a check or herringbone design as you can see in my cap below.

Herringbone weave detail is shown in this wool cap. Rain Logic Jacket by ExOfficio
Subdued Tweed
No, this isn't Tweed Gone Wild that had to be arrested! This is a different pattern that comes from twisting different colored woolen yarns to form a heather design that is more subtle. Most Tweed is associated with the Edwardian gentry who wore it in the country for shooting and hunting expeditions. As wool is naturally wicking and water resistant, it's perfect for walking in the elements when an occasional downpour is likely.

Example of a subdued Tweed in this Aiden Bucket Hat by Carve Designs. Eyewear by Ray-Ban
Warmth for Fall
Tweed woolens are very warm and getting a hat made of this fabric is both a smart and fashion forward move. The most comfortable caps are those which are fabric lined. Same thing for jackets and skirts. Look for a very fine weave for skirts and pants so as not to add a lot of bulk. The Vancouver ladies in the lead photo and here below have the right idea in these Tweed trousers, (far left) and the very fine wool high waist pencil skirt.

Tweed can be very fashion forward as well as a durable outdoor fabric. PHOTO: Courtesy of the Vancouver Tweed Ride
You Need the Tweed
So this fall, think about accessorizing with a touch of TWEED! It will add texture, interest and warmth to nearly any outfit and the tawny tones are perfect for autumn. Not only that, Tweed and other wool garments are toasty warm. I wear fine Merino wool base layers that are soft next to the skin by Smartwool and Bluey Australia for bicycling, hiking and skiing. Tweed is always on trend, always classic!

Aiden Tweed Cap and Beige Tweed Cycling Helmet c/o Carve Designs and Lazer Helmets respectively.

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