Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fashion Weekend Zolbayar Artist Reception

Artist "Zol" at his first solo exhibition Saturday night at Fidias Art Gallery.
July 7th, 2013 Fashion Weekend While NYC Fashion Week continues on Monday, this Saturday night, I had the pleasure of an out of city experience - Zolbayar's first solo art exhibition in Freehold, NJ.
Zol was born in St. Petersburg, Russia but now resides in the US.  As a self-taught artist, Zol's style is totally fresh and unpretentious. Gleaning inspiration from natural elements and the environment, (Zol works in masonry), he is able to create an organic transformation of acrylics into a marvelous abstract landscape of texture and color.

Wine, cheese and great canvas!  Zolbayar's first solo exhibition.
Some of Zol's paintings remind me of sandstone hills and the rock climbing I always attempt at the park. Others take you to the cosmos as they resemble galaxies of stars. There are so many that I liked but I wanted to know which were the artist's own favorites. These are the ones that I photographed for you here.

This creation by Zol reminds me of the natural veins found in marble.
I spoke with Zol and he said that his technique can include the use of fire to achieve the unique finishes you see on much of his artwork. Some have a three dimensional pebbled finish and others are smoother with texture.

Another one of Zol's creations on exhibit at Fidias Art Gallery
This was a delightful evening with a rather large turn-out of invitees and locals who support the Fidias Art Gallery. It is refreshing to see an artist who is both talented and well grounded. I'm looking forward to seeing Zol in NYC for Fashion Week and beyond as I believe his future in the art world is secure.
The Zolbayar Collection will be on exhibit from September 7th - 21st at Fidias Art Gallery, 12 Court Street, Freehold NJ 

This Evening's Outfit:
Metamorphose Dress by Horny Toad - This LBD is an easy to wear convertible wrap you can dress up or down. Tonight I wore the straps up, halter style and added a Red-Taupe Silk Blend Scarf by
Metamorphose Dress by Horny Toad

Metamorphose Dress with straps down and Green Quartz necklace by Club Monaco, 5th Ave.

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