Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Creme de la Creme Fashion Week Artist Secrets from Embryolisse Paris - France

Creamy!: Embryolisse BB Cream, Creme Hydrante a l'Orange & Artist Secret Compact Foundation Cream
NYC, NY Fashion Week: I have my Fashion Week NYC Pinterest Board up now so please check it out!  One thing you will be seeing next spring is a much lighter hand in makeup. The French always prize skincare over trying to cover a bad complexion with tons of makeup. This is really a good place to start, especially when you see how many lines are now including more significant SPF protection and botanical ingredients.

Makeup Your Mind
One of the best things you can do is to focus on obtaining a healthy complexion by prepping your skin from the inside out. 

1.) Include essential fatty acids in your diet each day such as: walnuts, mackerel, salmon and sardines for a complexion that's moist and glowing. 

2.) Next, invest in skincare over let's say, the latest eye shadow shade from Dior (j' adore Dior)!

3.) Become a moisturizing and primer maven. This creates a perfect base for a flawless makeup application.

4.) Become a shady character. Make sure you wear a SPF of at least 20 EVERYDAY. Even on seemingly cloudy days.
Primer, concealer and BB Cream make the perfect base for your makeup.
Shine Stoppers
One of the problems with wearing makeup in warmer weather is the appearance of oily sheen. I actually like a dewy finish but full out oiliness isn't attractive! I like the Emulsion Hydra-Mat as a primer/moisturizer as it will help blot up later oil breakouts. Another option is the Creme Hydrante a l'Orange which has natural extracts of orange which is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, sweet almond and sesame oils.

BB Cream-y
I particularly like Embryolisse Artist Secret Complexion Illuminating Veil BB Cream because unlike some others, it has a SPF 20. It also works with just about all skin tones. It's opaque enough to brighten and correct minor flaws but nude enough to allow your natural pigmentation to shine through. It's not cakey and has mineral powders with light reflecting properties.

I'm wearing Artist Secret Compact Foundation Cream in Hale (Tanned)
Artist Secret Compact Foundation Creme
You are really going to love this for spring! This compact foundation is very creamy and comes with it's own little sponge all hidden away. A little goes a long way, especially when applied over concealer and BB Cream. It goes on very smooth, (use a moist blender sponge), but dries to a semi matte finish. Your skin looks so naturally radiant and plumped up. That's because this Artist Secret has a double moisturizing treatment of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. On top of that, it has a SPF protection of 20. BOOM!

Spring 2014: Less is More. Artist Secret Compact Foundation Cream
Skincare and Makeup c/o Embryolisse USA 
Eyewear by XX2i Optics France 1 Collection
Hat: Tinsley by Pistil Designs

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