Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Resort Fashions Newport Mansions The Great Gatsby Style!

PHOTO: Rosecliff, where portions of the original 1970's Great Gatsby was shot.
Travel Ready Go-To Ruffle Dress in Framboise by ExOfficio transitions from day to nightlife. Yves St Laurent Golden Gloss.
Maybe you're excited that today The Great Gatsby is coming out on DVD?  I say take a tour of Rosecliff, one of the Newport Mansions where the ORIGINAL Gatsby was filmed. Sorry but the beautiful scenes, landscaping and interiors of Rosecliff totally outshine the remake. This is the perfect time to plan your get-away and a sight-seeing tour along the Cliff Walk all can be extra special with a few essential pieces that just happen to travel well.  Start with a LBD (or in my case, a Little Red Dress) for an extra pop of color this fall.

The LBD that travels. The Go-To Ruffled Dress also comes in black!
Travel Style Made Simple
Rather than fill your bag with multiple separates and pieces you'll most likely never wear, pack a DRESS that can go from the plane to lunch to an evening out and more. Just be sure to pack a scarf, some jewelry and other essentials to dress it up or down. I love my easy-traveling ExOfficio pieces for that same reason. The Go-To Ruffled Dress packs well and resists wrinkles. The 1/2 sleeve design is perfect for fall touring when it is often cool in the morning, hot at midday but chilly after sundown.  It also has an invisible zippered pocket (you can look but you won't see it!) for extra cash, some lip gloss or anything you want to keep with you.

Vintage Python Leather Shoulder Bag coverts to a chic clutch for evening. O' Keefe Scarf by Pistil Designs

You'll find that you can pack less if you choose outfits which will easily convert to evening wear. Sometimes you may not have time to get to your hotel and change or your flight was delayed so everything has been rescheduled. Simply freshen your look with a pretty scarf, necklace and earrings. My shoulder bag is black python and has a recessible strap. It converts to a clutch in a flash so I'm out the door and off to dinner. 

Dansko's Buttery Bethany Black Nappa boots from their
ExOfficio's Go To Ruffled 1/2 Sleeve Dress in Framboise
The Go-To Ruffled Dress, crafted from drirelease® performance fabric, will live up to its name as you reach for it again and again. This quick drying, moisture wicking travel dress is perfect to keep you fresh, wrinkle free and always looking great. The ruffle detail is a stylish feminine touch, and a security zip pocket in the side hem holds small essentials.


Scarf - A scarf is SO versatile! Traveling can sometimes mean having your hair blown all over the place. I've has to take a smaller aircraft with dual propellers and forget about how windy a helicopter ride is! A scarf can be laid down on a seat, wrapped around your head or neck. It can also be used as an evening shawl or wrap.

Convertible Shoulder - Clutch Bag - Take along a bag that does double duty while traveling and once you arrive. Black is always classic and dark colors travel well, resisting smudges and dirt.

Comfortable Boots - As the weather gets cooler, you'll appreciate having a bit of extra coverage and protection for your legs. Also, fall tends to be quite rainy in many zones. These Dansko Bethany Black Nappa leather boots are from their fall 2013 Bordeaux Collection.
These Leather Boots are just the right heel height to give you a bit of elegance but totally comfortable for 

Bring Some Stilettos! - You'll need some evening shoes! Believe it or not these Cage Stilettos by Mossimo Co. are really comfortable to wear. I just wouldn't go touring in them. I've worn them to an afternoon to evening pool party and I was still happy after over 8+ hours.

Sunglasses - Daytime travel is a little bit easier if you have eye protection from the sun and wind. These sunglasses are from the new France 1 Collection by XX2i Optics in Tortoise. This is sports-quality eye wear so they are sturdy enough for travel and walking excursions.

Go-To Ruffled Dress in Flamboise

Go To Dress and Bethany Boots c/o ExOfficio and Dansko respectively.

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