Monday, June 10, 2013

Visibly Fashionable: Vespertine NYC Vesp & Flashy Wear

Vespertine, NYC's NEW Vesp reflective vest in Lime. Singlet by Gore Bike Wear, Skort by Terry.
Bike Lane, NYC: Now that summer is here along with NYC Bike Share, the Bike Path & Greenways are humming with activity. These special areas seem to never quiet down as you can see people riding, running and skating along all times, day and night. Florescent colors make up some of the new Hi-Viz wear you are seeing lately in response to people wishing to be seen by motorists even during daylight hours.

Back of Vesp. Bicycle Helmet by Lazer

Vespertine, NYC had the idea of making reflective-wear which can easily pass for fashionable accessories. Their new Vesp, which I have been wearing over the past few weeks is perfect for use on the bike when you want to be seen. During the daylight hours, the florescent bright colors are visible from very far away.

Cycle-Ready Vesp: Gore Bike Wear Signature Cap and Synergy Organic Cotton Tank Dress

 At night, the 3M reflective materials reflect light like crazy, making it easy for cars to see you.
This is the description of the Vesp from the Vespertine NYC Website:

"This chic, light weight VESP is perfect for an early morning jog, a dusky walk, evening cocktails, a late night bike ride and everything in between. Bright colors and 360ยบ of reflective material provide excellent day and night time visibility. A longer versatile roomy cut fits over anything from a bandeau top to a winter coat. A built-in stuff pocket means it stores breezily in your bag, car or locker plus the new mesh side pocket is perfect for your phone, keys, cash, etc...
The VESP Eco Lime is made from water resistant 100% Eco-circle recycled/recyclable polyester with the most reflective 3M Scotchlite Material on the crossing straps, signature V-neck, around the bottom edge and the adjustable tie closure."

Beaded Vesp in Citron showing its night reflections
Haute Reflecture
The idea of wearing light reflective garments is nothing new, but Vespertine NYC has taken this to a whole new level with reversible vests and other fashionable items that light up the night. All of their garments are made in NYC and the variety of pieces can easily grace any haute couture runway.  What's cool is the Vesp can go with you in your handbag as it stores in its own attached pouch.  I went shopping using my bicycle and when I stopped to go in the store, took off my Vesp and stored it in my Elements Shoulder Bag along with my helmet.  No one knew I arrived by bike but everyone could see me en route.

The Vesp stores in its own little pouch
Flashy Wear
Once again the Hi-Viz colors get the attention of motorists and pedestrians during the day and the reflective materials alert all to your presence at night. I also like to make sure to have lights on my bicycle and on me.  You can wear blinkies like these from Road ID. These Super Nova LED Lights are extremely bright and can attach to your shirt, helmet or zipper pull as shown below on my Carve Designs Zipper Line Hoodie:

Super Nova LED Lights on a zipper pull and my wrist for night-time flash

Be Seen at the Night Spots
So if you are out running, walking or cycling at night, you can add an extra layer of protection with a reflective Vesp and Super Nova blinkie lights. A sure way to be visibly fashionable.

C/O Vesp in Lime via Vespertine, NYC 

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