Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Powders that Mix Well & Taste Delicious

Nutritional Powders are only as good as they mix and taste.
I think everyone is on board to enjoying a refreshing smoothie or green drink these days. I really enjoy making mine from fresh raw ingredients using a VitaMix power blender. I've got that down to a science now so it's almost like second nature.  It's just some days I'm in a hurry and need to throw some powder into a little almond milk or water to hit the road.

Rainbow Light's Chocolate Protein Energizer mixes easily and tastes delicious.

My VitaMix 5200 Power Blender combines raw produce with my nutritional powders.

Nutritional Powders  
Food based nutritional powders can make a big difference in your health and can help fill in the gaps in your diet when pressed for time. You can mix them with raw produce or use them alone or even in combination. I've tried all kinds of protein powders since my days at Gold's Gym.  Most I've had were clumpy, lumpy and bad tasting! One top of that, many on the market were made of the cheaper soy proteins which can cause bloating and indigestion. So starting with the protein based powders, here are my favorites for ingredients, ease of mixing and taste:

Best Tasting, Formulated & Mixable Protein Powders

1.) Rainbow Light Whey Protein Energizer
20 grams of protein, 15 servings per container
Pros: This powder has added energizing and digestive botanicals and enzymes. Comes in a space saving pouch. All of the Protein Energizers, (Whey, Chocolate & Acai Berry Blast) are absolutely delicious.
Cons: Recommends that a blender or shaker cup be used. 

2.) Reservage Grass Fed Whey Protein - Vanilla
20 grams of Protein, 12 servings per container
Pros: Incredibly scrumptious natural vanilla flavor. Has small amounts of Vitamin A and Iron but 20% of your RDA of calcium. Sourced from Grass Fed cows for natural rBST and rBGH hormone free whey. Mixes very easily.
Cons: None really but the Chocolate version of the Grass Fed Whey Protein flavor is not as tasty as the vanilla.

Best Food Based Powders
The following powders are more for nutrition, improving alkalinity and antioxidant support.  They offer concentrates of fruits and vegetables with out having to resort to the blender. 

1.) Re-Body Greens
25 calories per serving, 34 servings per container
Pros: Too many to list, actually! However for starters: Organic Chia seed and Kale powders plus a plant based probiotic & enzyme blend for optimal absorption. This product, while concentrated, is very easy to blend and contains additional grasses, sea algae and organic vegetables like broccoli and spinach. The taste is very good with a slight hint of kelp.
Cons: None 
2.) Nature's Approved Grape Seed Powder
23 calories per serving, 28 servings per container
Pros: Grape Seed has a very high ORAC index.  Its antioxidants are measured at minimum 165,000 umolTE/100 grams which is about 70 times that of blueberries. Extremely versatile and finely ground, it can be used in drinks but also added to pancake batter and bread recipes. Used topically, grape seed powder makes a wonderful addition to face creams, masques and cleansers. A little goes a long way.
Cons: None
Grape Seed Powder and coconut oil were both added to this scrumptious walnut-oatmeal bread

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