Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Spring Fashion Clutches

In the clutch!  Hinged iPhone/iPod and Wallet Clutches are taking hold this spring. Bag by Amirita Singh
Spring is almost here but not quite yet!  I was looking for a new wallet to replace my well worn leather one and decided to take a cue from my hinged iPod clutch. This little guy works with your iPod/iPhone and also holds are few credit cards and the like.  It is also small enough to fit in my tiny (by comparison) cross body bags that fit so well in my bicycle panniers.

Hinged iPhone/iPod case fits inside my Fossil Cross Body Bag
What I like about the newer hinged clutches is that they snap closed and securely hold any credit cards that might slip out.  This has happened far too many times with my leather wallet.  Leather stretches over time and when you remove just a few cards, the others slip out.  I just kept imagining some crazed soul coming upon my debit card that flipped out, draining my bank account + over draft!  Not a good feeling.

So I purchased this Ikat Clutch from Target today.  It is pretty heavy but covered in a stylish leatherette fabric with chrome accents.  It has a little pocket for my check book, a zippered change purse and five slots for my credit cards with a clear photo license slot.

Ikat Clutch - Open for Business
The only beefs I have, (and they are minor) is that this clutch doesn't have an ink pen loop.  I simply clipped it onto the edge of one of the card slots. It also doesn't have any photo section. I don't carry a lot but it would be nice to have a place to hold and display them.

All the same, I will not complain because the clutch is a lot more secure than my old wallet. As for stylishness, it goes so well with my Amirita Singh bag with the quilted Chanel-esque pattern. The black and white Ikat design is classy without being stuffy due to the woven, handmade feel and motif. 

Black and White Ikat Clutch, another spring classic.

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