Thursday, June 28, 2012

Basil's Elements Fashion Bicycle Bag

Basil's new Elements Fashion Line of Shoulder / Bicycle Bags work on & off your bike.
Summer is the perfect time to get out and explore.  The warmer weather and slower pace of things can turn your vacation time into a great opportunity to enjoy outdoor living and travel.  If you haven't been on a bicycle in a while, how about getting reacquainted with bicycling?  You don't have to let the rising cost of gas turn your vacation into a stay-cation!  Get out there and pedal.  You can discover your local parks and recreation areas or take a leisurely shopping trip to the Farmer's Market.

The Elements Shoulder Bicycle Bag by Basil NL
I like to ride my bicycle and I enjoy shopping.  With the Elements Shoulder Bicycle Bag, I'm free to do both!  This fashionable shoulder bag has long straps for easy carrying and is appointed just like my designer handbags.  It has two snap pouches on either end for my water bottle and umbrella. The fabric itself is water resistant and very durable with a vinyl bottom and feet. The hanging clips shown below are genius.  The bag stays securely on but all you need do is pull up on the straps and away you go.  The clips then hide away under a secret zipper pouch.  Neat huh?

To Market To Market, Jiggity Jig
The bag interior itself is very roomy.  If you wanted to use it as a market bag, I would suggest getting a RuMe Bag.  They come in several sizes and roll up to about the size of a mini umbrella.  They are reusable and you can separate your market items from your shoulder bag contents by placing them in the RuMe Bag.

Basil Elements clipped on the rear rack of a classic Schwinn Admiral
There are a few things I make sure to take along on all my bicycle trips because you're really on your own out there.  I always carry an Ultralight Watertight Adventure Medical Kit extra aspirin, feminine supplies and in the summertime, Mission Athletecare Sun Defeated Sunblock, Fresh Bath Wipes and serious deodorant, (notice the "clinical strength")!

The Elements Bag has lots of room, a beautiful lining and a zippered inner pouch for your cell
Double Duty-Bike or Walk
The comfortable long straps are rounded and soft so they don't dig into your shoulders.  This makes this bag the perfect walking companion once you get off your bicycle.  On the bike, it quickly snaps onto most any size rear rack.  I've seen women in New York City with huge wire front baskets.  They put their handbags in them but I'm always leery about having that much weight up front.  This carrying system is so much more efficient and elegant. Better still, no one will ever know this is a bicycle bag until they see you ride away with it clipped on.  Even then, they may not be so sure!  Stop by the Basil of the Netherlands website to see more of their cycle chic yet innovative bicycle bags and baskets.

Definitely showing some bike love here!

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