Monday, October 10, 2011

Get Glowing! Dry Brushing

What is Dry Brushing?
Dry brushing has been around for more than 25 years and was first made popular by health author, Paavo Airola.  It has been a long term staple treatment in European Spas.  Dry Brushing is a very simple yet effective way to stimulate the lymphatic system which is responsible for helping to rid the body of toxins.  Cellulite represents an accumulation of fat but also stored toxins from years of exposure to pollutants.  Dry brushing also improves the look and function the skin while stimulating the nervous system and improving muscle firmness.

You can best benefit from dry brushing by purchasing a natural bristle, boar's hair brush or even a loofah will work.  Upon arising, do not wet your skin or shower; save that for after your treatment.  Using a dry brush on your dry skin, begin at the feet and brush upwards towards your heart in smooth long strokes.  Do this while including the trunk, buttocks and upper extremities which should take between 2-5 minutes.  The main goal is to increase blood flow which will show with your skin turning a healthy pink.  Now you can shower and remove any loosened dead skin cells dislodged during your brushing.  In the shower, I like to use a natural Goat Milk bar soap with a glycerin base.  This type of organic soap is nourishing and non-drying.  If you wish an even deeper cleansing after your dry brushing, gently glide a Clarisonic Ultrasonic Skincare Brush over your skin.  You will find that your lotions & oils penetrate more effectively after doing so.

Skinny Tone Ultra Firming Cream 
Now that your skin has been exfoliated and purified, you'll want to capitalize on the toning that dry brushing is known for.  You should use something that will optimize the detoxification that the manual brushing has begun.  Skinny Tone Ultra Firming Cream is by Mission Athletecare and is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and botanics such as Butchersbroom, (Ruscus Aculeatus), Ivy and Goji Berry Extract.  All of these are herbs are prized for their ability to detoxify your system and can work synergistically with your dry brushing regimen.

After your dry brushing and shower, apply Skinny Tone to problem areas to help firm and smooth the appearance of cellulite.  You should see a marked difference using dry brushing and Skinny Tone together after one week or sooner.  If you want an extra dewy glow, layer a little sweet almond oil infused with lavender over your skin.  Your skin will look like 24 k gold!   Here is a very good demonstration video of how to Dry Brush by "Kiki Says" on YouTube.

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