Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Lights - Skincare & Makeup

Clean-fresh skin begins and ends with Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Systems

Kett Hydro Foundation 35ml
Kett Angel Blush 15ml

Thinking of summer, we want everything light.  Light salads, light clothing, airy shoes and most of all light makeup.  Nothing is worse in the heat than heavy, greasy makeup that sweats off on you nice white shirt.  Nobody needs that, believe me.  What if you could have full coverage but with a foundation you can add water to for cool, thin layering?  It's completely possible.  I'm talking about airbrushing and it's not just for brides or movie stars anymore.  There are travel compressors that make airbrushing very simple yet portable.

Not all airbrush makeup is alike however.  You'll find some are not water soluble. You can not add any extra water to it to dilute the pigmentation or control coverage.  In my experience, these also tend to clog your airbrush gun unless you use special solvent cleaners afterwards.  A water soluble airbrush makeup such as the ones made by Kett Cosmetics is what I recommend.  Silicon free, this makeup is easy to dilute with water and blend while being easy to clean up.  The coverage is as much or as little as you would like but the real plus is how flawless the application is.  Brushes and sponges can't come close to the seamless beauty of airbrushed makeup.

Start with a clean canvas by using the Clarisonic Mia or similar ultrasonic brush to completely cleanse your skin.  You will find your airbrushed makeup going on more smoothly when your skin is deep cleansed first.  I have used Kett Cosmetics airbrush makeup on my television appearances, (News12 New Jersey & the CBS Morning Show) as well as an on location photo shoot with More Magazine.  No touch ups were needed and the makeup did not rub off or fade. Kett Cosmetics work well with blending so you can get the perfect shade as the summer or an airbrush tan deepens your color.

The Air Star V Compressor by Thayer & Chandler can do both airbrushed makeup and spray tanning.

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