Friday, April 15, 2011

Outdoor Entertaining

Deviled Eggs topped with Hungarian Paprika on a bed of yellow peppers & spring greens  PHOTO by MAM of

Now that spring is here, you'll want to start making plans for some dining "al fresco".  We did a simple birthday celebration in the garden with char-grilled burgers, spring salad, deviled eggs, sour-cream cucumber salad and a tray of tortilla chips with dip.  Mr. Husband was in charge of the grill so I didn't have to worry about that.  The rest of the menu is so easy to prepare and even the deviled eggs are quick to put together.

Weather & number of guests will dictate if a tent is needed
April Showers

Spring is notorious for unpredictable weather and afternoon showers.  If it is a rather grand affair with your guests being dressed more formally you might consider renting a party tent like this one.  The sides can be rolled up on extremely hot days to allow cool breezes to blow through or closed down if rain threatens.
Caterers can set up the chairs, tables and buffet menu giving you more time with your guests.  However if it is a small intimate party, you might simply enlist the help of family and friends and do it yourself.

Havaleena Lights Grace surround this lit birthday of strawberries and whipped cream.  PHOTO by MAM of

Frame Your Work

The dessert table featuring the "guest of honor" is almost always a cake.  Here is our Strawberry topped white cake with whipped cream frosting.  We did a late afternoon soiree in the garden and enjoyed the main meal while it was still light and warm.

You can surround your dessert and gift table with colorful lights so that when twilight rolls around, everything will still be illuminated.  The cake and presents are often the last amusements of the evening so it really looks pretty to have them framed in colorful lights. In the glass vase we have our lovely Havaleena Party Lights which are flameless, cool and safe being lit around children.  These lights last for hours on only three AA batteries so no chord or outlet is necessary.

Havaleena Party Lights & a colorful disco ball light up the night!

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