Thursday, January 20, 2011


Ahhhhhhhhhh! Snowshoeing for fitness!  Snowshoes by Tubbs, down jacket by Moonstone

Right about this time and after the fourth snowstorm of the season, something called cabin fever begins to set in.  Guess what?  MORE snow is in the forecast even for places like Georgia who seldom if ever get it.  So much for "global warming"!  My snowshoes, mini-skis and sleds get stored in our utility building at the end of each season so rest assured I intend to retrieve them before the next blizzard hits.

Moonstone Lucid Down Jacket
So how do you keep active in the winter months when the weather outside is well, frightful?  Keep a positive attitude and an open mind.  There are a lot of things you can do in the snow that are exciting and will help you stay fit.  Tip: Engage a close friend or family member for maximum fun!

Sledding - Remember those super fast Flexible Flyers?  Well even if you don't have one of those antiques, (the company still make them actually), you can use an inflated inner tube to coast down the hill.

Tubbs Women's Snowshoes
Snowshoeing - Snowshoes have come a long way since the Klondike Gold Rush days.  Now Tubbs Snowshoes are made in all sizes to specially fit women and children.  Snowshoeing can be done nearly anywhere: un-groomed trails, open fields and even up hills.  It is a great workout and gets you out at the same time which will boost your heart rate and spirits!

Snow Skating - This is a cross between skiing and ice skating.  They are sometimes called mini-skis and were featured in a James Bond movie that had 007 flying down the hill in these wearing a tux.  Sled Dogs Snowskates are perfect for when you want to get the feeling of skiing without having to use the lifts.  They work best on groomed ski trails but their shortness makes them great for less than perfect terrains too.  Snowskating is VERY liberating!  You can pretty much pull off all of those sweet snowboarding jumps with these.  They are a very easy way to enjoy the snow without poles.  Just wear your regular goggles, ski jacket and snowboarding pants and you're set!  Want more snow-fun ideas?  Visit X-Treme X-Training for gear, tips and action videos!

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