Thursday, October 28, 2010

Johnny Weir's ITNY 2010 Gala Video Performance of Heartbroken

Johnny Wier's signature performance of "Heartbroken" for the Ice Theatre of New York's 25th Anniversary Benefit Gala. Weir did the choreography and costume design especially for the Ice Theatre of New York. Watch for the interview with Johnny joined by Sarah Hughes at the end of his performance!

Johnny Weir was a guest performing artist for this year's Ice Theatre of New York's 25th Anniversary Benefit Performance. Johnny is a 3 time National Champion, World Bronze Medalist and a 2 time Olympian, (recently at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games). As you can see in the video, from his original choreography to his unique costume design, Johnny is one of the most avante-garde performers on ice today. Johnny joined in the celebration of the Ice Theatre of New York's 2010 Home Season and has contributed his outstanding artistry and creativity to their events.

Johnny Wier on the ice as Dorothy Hamill receives her bouquet and award from The Ice Theatre of New York. See Dorothy Hamill's Complete 2010 ITNY's Gala Performance!

This event is held each year at the Sky Rink Chelsea Piers, NYC with the cocktail reception following at The Lighthouse Restaurant on Pier 61. Johnny Weir, Sarah Hughes, JoJo Starbuck were the celebrity guest skaters on program this year.

Blast From the ITNY Past:
The lovely Ivana Trump and my escort Joseph Y. Miczak attending the 2006 21st Anniversary ITNY Gala reception at the Lighthouse Restaurant.

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