Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Alternatives

These scrumptious Red Velvet Chocolate Cupcakes are perfect for any occasion where a traditional layer cake would be welcome! Get the recipe for these goodies at GaveThat.

With my birthday quickly approaching this week, I began to muse over alternatives to the huge
layer cakes and even ice cream cakes I've had in the past. I even belong to the Baskin-Robbins Birthday Club, so that's how much cake has played a role in our celebrations!

Here I am with last year with my 80 lb birthday cake. I lift weights but thing was even giving ME trouble. Just a LITTLE too much really! What you shouldn't do is get stuck making and cooking an elaborate meal (and cake) while neglecting a chance to enjoy YOUR day. Yes, for once it is all about you and there's nothing fun about cooking and cleaning up for your own birthday. Here are some other fresh alternatives for your special day:

A Picnic in the Park "Frenchie Style"

Buy one large French baguette or loaf of French bread. Add Mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sliced turkey breast. Slice into serving sections and wrap in foil. Throw it in a blanket and pack a bottle of your favorite wine. Voila! A celebration "al fresco" with NO cleanup.

Accept an Invitation

If people know it's your birthday or another special occasion, accept any invitations for them to host a little get together for you. It can be at a friend or family member's home or where ever! You get to be surprised by the menu and arrangements while being waited on. This takes some advance planning though so let others know this is what you'd like if they ask what you want for your birthday.

Take Off on Your Own

If you've not had much down time and the first two ideas aren't in the plans, you may have to go it alone. Go see that museum exhibit, play or concert you've been aching to catch all year. You might just have to fly solo but don't let that stop you. We are somehow programmed to think that spending our birthday alone makes us some kind of social failure. Not true. Sometimes there just won't be others who share your passion to join in. That should NOT make you miss out on participating in something you'd really like to do on your special day.

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