Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Gardening Joys

Perk up your spring gardening with these lovely Liberty of London tools and Sunflower Tote!

There is something very therapeutic about working with good soil. Even the simple things that lead up to the actual planting such as composting and turning over the earth connects us to a simpler time. A time when we were tied to the earth in a very intimate way.

Getting a new set of gardening tools or just cleaning / repainting your old ones is a easy way to ignite your gardening passion. Pick up a pair of pretty brightly colored gardening gloves so you associate the activity with something lovely. The orange and yellow metal container pictured here can be used to store your things and the tote makes a good place to carry the tools which are sure to get a little muddy after use. One you empty everything out, use the tote bag as a waterproof pad. With a little foam added, you can lay it down on the ground to keep your knees dry and protected from the hard, damp ground.

Another idea you might consider is gardening in pots or containers. I have succulents planted in the strawberry pot pictured here but all sorts of herbs also do well. Place them on a sunny porch and harvest your ever-bearing strawberries and spices as needed!

Containers are also very popular now for tomatoes but you can make your own Topsy Turvy style planters. We did last year and planted both Rutgers and grape tomatoes in them. They were very clean and gave a fair amount of yield. We just got the largest hanging plastic planters we could find and poked 3 inch diameter holes in them. Next we filled with a mixture of compost, Miracle Grow Gardening Soil and about 1 tbsp of Magnesium or Epsom Salts. The only thing is with terracotta pottery, you'll need to water a bit more frequently because the sun's heat is conducted through the minerals within the clay. This can be a good thing for plants like strawberries that like a dryer, warmer soil.

If you are new to gardening, this is an easy way to ease into it. Planter gardening is becoming very popular because it reduces bending and stooping. You can also shift your pots and containers to sunnier or less windy spots as the season dictates. The rewards of fresh organic produce just steps outside of your door are perhaps the best inducement to invest in a little gardening savvy!

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