Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cozy Comforts

Fall is here! Shorter days and cooler temps mean opportunities to get out there and enjoy! I like comfortable, well broken in leather boots for most treks. Ugg boots seem to be here to stay as I have always been comforted by my sheepskin bootie slippers. These are all as welcome as a hot cup of cocoa right now.

Even though home heating costs continue to be on the rise, there's a lot you can do with less heat. One thing you can do is make sure that your air is properly humidified. Dry air feels cooler and can dry out your nasal passages making them more prone to airborne infection. I use Air-O-Swiss humidifiers and have noticed a decline in respiratory infections since setting them up in my home and studio. The models I use pre-heat the water so they will not lower the ambient temperature in your home. Definitely a must!

You can also save a lot by turning down the heat a night. I use goose down comforters year round on my beds but you can also get a lot of comfort from an electric blanket. Mine is made of Egyptian cotton, so it breathes thus avoiding the "night sweat" problem of most acrylic blankets. Likewise you can purchase a goose down mattress topper. They take a bit of work, needing to be lofted every three days or so, but add a new dimension of warmth and softness to your sleep experience. I was introduced to one at a very upscale hotel and promised myself that I would purchase one as soon as I returned home. When the cold wind blows, you will be very glad to have a cozy bed to retire to. You will also sleep better. How many times have you woken up because your mate had accidentally uncovered your side of the bed? Brrrrrrr!

Hats are really essential but if you are not the hat type, at least incorporate hoodies into your wardrobe. Since most of the body's heat escapes through the head, it makes sense to keep it covered in some way. Hooded jackets and sweatshirts such as the C.F. Martin Logo pigment dyed one here are perfect for a jog or walk. It also gives you added protection from the elements should it rain or heaven forbid, snow while you are getting some exercise. Add a knit hat and you are ready for even colder temperatures. The point is to not let the cooler weather changes make a miserable Grinch out of you. Dress in layers using natural, breathable fabrics while out and for your bedding. You will find yourself enjoying fall in style!

PHOTO: Dr. M. in C.F. Martin's Pigment Dyed, Full Zip Sweatshirt. Available online at the C.F. Martin & Co. 1833 Shop

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