Monday, May 24, 2010

Easy Smoker-Grilled Chops

Memorial Day signals the official arrival of summer. Why not kick it off with these crowd pleasing favorites from the best American grills? We have a Texas Smoker which imparts a delicious flavor to the meats when we use wild cherry, mesquite and other aromatic woods. The flavor trick however is the marinade. I use a combination of wet and dry rub ingredients and let them sink into the meat for at least 2 hours before going on the grill. Here is my quick and easy recipe:


1 cup your favorite barbeque sauce, i.e Jack Daniels, Bubba's

1 tsp Emerils Original Essence Seasoning,

1 tsp McCormick's Grill Mates Roasted Garlic & Herb

Cover the chops with an ample amount of barbeque sauce. Next sprinkle on the dry seasonings. Cover or seal in a zip lock bag for at least two hours. Best results come from smoking them first and finishing the process by grilling. Both can be done on a Texas Smoker.

These chops are so tender and juicy! My marinade becomes a delicious glaze and helps prevent the meat from drying out. The trick is not to over-cook your pork chops. 8 minutes on each side should do for thin chops, a bit longer for thicker ones. You can even marinade them the night before if you are expecting lots of guests. They simply go from the fridge to the grill when the coals are ready. Enjoy!

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