Thursday, April 22, 2021

Earth Day: Think Globally, Act Locally


I've always tried to celebrate Earth Day every day but what does that look like in real life?  Well, for me it means buying and re-tailoring vintage clothes made from natural materials like cashmere and silk. This means less clothing ending up in landfills. It means using a lawnmower that finely chops clippings instead of collecting them in a bag to be dumped.  It means not wasting food and anything I can't use going into the compost pile or henhouse. So you get the idea. Small changes over time add up and soon become a natural way of life.  Here are a few new ideas and products to help start you off:

Lead by Example: Children's Puzzles, sketchbooks, and games for children but with themes like "Life on Earth".  These are so much fun to play with little ones while teaching the beauty and diversity found in creation. I like the classic concentration game with matching pairs especially. A celebration of life! Suitable for children 3+.  Made by

In the Kitchen! There's so much waste that goes on there, unfortunately. I do use Lotus Trolley Bags and their great mesh vegetable bags which are all eco-friendly and reusable. Here are a few other new items to consider especially for that morning cup of coffee or tea:

Steep-ee Tea Steeper is made from naturally BPA-free food-grade silicone makes it perfect for brewing your favorite tea and handling the teabag for disposal.  By 30WATT.COM

Compostable Straws Made from Plants are the perfect alternative to non-biodegradable plastic straws. Made by

Melitta JavaJig reusable coffee filter system for use with Keurig style single-serve coffee brewers. Easy, economical and BPA-free allows for the perfect cup of smooth coffee every time.  Available from

Earth My Dearest from Hatherleigh Press

Beautiful hardcover book of inspirational prose on nature, conservation, sustainability, and stewardship.

"He who plants trees loves others beside himself" - Thomas Fuller

Available via

Mini Monogrammed Tote Bag by L.L. Bean

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