Wednesday, December 14, 2022

New Jersey Governor's Mansion Holiday Tour

PRINCETON, NJ: The holidays have arrived at "The People's House" otherwise known as the Official Governor's Mansion of New Jersey. Also known as Drumthwacket, which is Scottish for a grassy hill here is the introduction to this historic site according to the organization's homepage:

"Constructed on land that witnessed the 1777 Princeton battle for American independence, today Drumthwacket serves as the stately home and grounds of the official residence of the Governor of New Jersey. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and one of the most elegant of our nation’s executive residences, Drumthwacket’s history tells the stories of three unique families who made immense contributions to New Jersey and the United States of America."

Original map of New Jersey from 1830. Note it lacks Mercer County which was at that time part of Middlesex County.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Your Comfort and Joy Holiday Gift Guide


Here it is, your specially curated holiday gifts to bring both comfort and joy this Christmas!  I've also included a few selections to help you get that "Holiday Glam" going!

So check out these beautiful, specialty gift ideas for the ultimate in holiday comfort and joy:

Heart Mind Subscription Box and Hemp & Herbs Soap

Heart Mind Box is a varied release from The Dalai Lama Center organization. Each month the recipient will find a shipment full of mindful exercises, activities, and natural items to help relax and recenter.

Hemp & Herbs Soap is Santhigram Herbal's latest release.  It combines the benefit of herbal therapy and is inspired by Ayurveda traditions with oil of Triphala as a main ingredient.  Benefit from the vitamins & fatty acids that those oils bring to your skin. Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, & renewing effects support healthy, balanced skincare for the entire body.

Nuknuuk Sheepskin Slippers, Cashmere Nordic, and Love Classic Box Thigh-High Cotton Socks

Nuknuuk Fully Lined Sheepskin Scuffs are ultra cushy with EVA outsoles.  Super warm and easy to slip on around the house or outside to get the mail.

Cashmere Nordic Socks-These are really 'hot' (literally this year for their beautiful designs and ultra-soft yarns).  Cashmere comes from the undercoat of the Kasmir goat and is totally renewable.  Available at Macy's & Nordstroms.

The perfect luxury gift for men, women, and children!

Love Classic Box of assorted thigh-high socks are super soft and made of 90% micromodal cotton.  Visit

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Summer Picnic and Outdoor Entertaining Tips


Summer 2022 is here!  Time to kick back with family and friends for some easy summertime meals served al fresco. Let me show you some new ideas on how to pull it all style.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Get That Summertime Glow: New Makeup Products & Tips


Summer to Glow!  {Professional Makeup Bag by}

This summer's look calls for bronzed, blushed, and beautiful bare-skinned vibes! We've completely left behind over-made-up, heavily contoured, and thick layers of foundation that obscure every freckle like a mask.  No, we're not doing that this summer!  Check out these new products and makeup artist techniques for your best seasonal look ever.

Primer Power: Physician's Formula Butter Believe It

A good primer is always going to be your key to using less foundation while making it last longer throughout the day. A new one I've discovered is Physician's Formula Butter Believe It. This is a putty primer with a buttery, moisturized feel with no added sheen. Just use a little and you're good to go.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Spring Into Summer Skincare Essentials


So are you ready to spring into summer with some next-level skincare?  Going into summer we are seeing more emphasis on clear, glowing skin that needs only a minimal amount of makeup if any.  In fact, I mostly can get away with high SPF skin tints at this point because my skin overall is smooth and even, (read glass-skin)!  These carefully curated essentials made the final cut for: concentration, efficacy, purity, and natural ingredients.

SOOAE Korean Face Mask Sheets

These sheet masks are so easy to use and offer a quick, nourishing blast of infused nutrients. I've tried their Pomegranate and Avocado Masks which are so very gooey, you can get two to three uses out of them if you store them in ziplock bags between treatments.   A smoothie for your face!

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Sensual Valentine's Day Date Gift Guide


This Valentine's Day, try taking your date night prep to a new level! One that engages all the senses, especially taste, touch, sight, and smell.  You know I've got it all right here so prepare to be blown away as I help you get ready for that special Valentine's Day Date!

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Great Gift Books for Christmas and The New Year


Books and Book Sets make wonderful gift ideas for Christmas and into the new year.  These days there are options for personalized books that include the recipient's name in the text, gift sets of a book series or collection as well as Daily Planners.  All of these will continue to give into the new year and be appreciated for years to come.

Personalized Children's Books

Books like these are not only educational but help build self-esteem in children as they are included as being part of the story.  They are thrilled to hear a story about THEM! I've also ordered personalized cookbooks for my children to save their favorite recipes.  Either way, seeing their name and picture in a real book is quite thrilling. Visit all the titles available at In The Book

Book Sets

Whether a series, collection or set of related titles on the same subject, books are a great gift idea. Choose something classic like a leather bound set of the complete works of Charles Dickens or compile a set of specific cookbooks.  What I've done here is assemble a set of three Instant Pot Cookbooks. Each book gives different recipes but also various cooking techniques with this appliance.