Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beach Me! NEW Trilastin Cellulite Firming Complex and Intensive Stretch Mark Complex

The Body Beautiful - Top Skin Smoothers for the Beach Set.        
This time of year, we all need a little courage in a tube! I'm talking about that quickly approaching pool party or meet up at the beach. Now is the time to firm up your assets! Here's a quick way to get results:

Circulation Boosters: Sublime Beauty Dry Brush & Trilastin Hydro Thermal Accelerator
Dry Body Brushing - First you'll want to exfoliate and stimulate the skin at the same time. Nothing accomplishes this better than dry body brushing with a stiff boar bristle brush like this one from Sublime Beauty. Starting at the soles of your feet, start brushing upwards towards the heart. Brush until you blush! Get this sweet little body brush at SublimeBeauty.com

Trilastin Hydro Thermal Accelerator - Next apply the Accelerator paying special attention to "problem areas". Wait one minute and then apply the other Trilastin treatments. The Hydro Thermal Accelerator really increases the speed and effectiveness of the other products so if you're in a hurry to see results...

The Treatment: Trilastin Complexes
Trilastin Cellulite Firming Complex
This works very quickly and you will see an improvement within a week if you follow my application method. The accelerator really does make a difference. You don't need to go crazy slathering lots on either. It has LipoTriSOME Active Complex with lots of natural ingredients like Lysine, Vitamin E, and ginger root oil. Has a lovely light fragrance and disappears quickly into the skin leaving it visibly firmer.

Trilastin Intensive Stretch Mark Complex
This is Trilastin's targeted formula for stretch marks associated with pregnancy, weight gain or bodybuilding. Stretch marks are actually caused by tears in the skin's collagen and are very difficult to get rid of. I've found that this special formula does improve the look of the skin's tone and appearance overall. The wiser course would be to take of your skin in the first place to help prevent stretch marks before they start.

An Ounce of Prevention... Trilastin Stretch Mark Prevention Cream
Trilastin Stretch Mark Prevention
I really like that all of the Trilastin formulas are paraben free but you want to be especially careful during pregnancy. This formula contains 15 natural botanical oils and extracts such as olive and grapeseed. 

You can mix the cellulite & stretch mark creams together and apply them if you have both issues to work on. You can also use them with your favorite body lotions. I would just be sure to use the Trilastin Accelerator first if you need truly fast results. Trust me, before you know it you'll be saying "Beach Me" too! See all of TriLASTIN's latest products by visiting them online at Trilastin.com

You ready for this?

 Body creams and products c/o Trilastin and Sublime Beauty respectively.

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