Friday, November 20, 2020

Holiday Travel Essentials to Leave Covid-19 Behind


The serious uptick in confirmed Covid-19 cases has everyone on edge these days.  Especially on the east coast in my NYC/Metro area, we are seeing more positive results to increased testing.  

Some of us must travel for business and while holiday travel is greatly discouraged, many of us will be going anyway albeit to smaller gatherings and events.  So if you are going to go, travel as safely as possible with these new protective products:

Assuage Ultra Cozy Seat Protector

Fleecy and cozy! This semi-fitted seat cover puts an extra layer between you and public transportation seating. Stretchy, it covers the headrest and entire seat area and is completely machine washable. Use it on a bus, (see me below on NJ Transit to NYC) train, plane, boat...whatever! Visit

Argent Pro Merino Wool Blend Socks have built-in anti-microbial protection and are invaluable for times you need to remove your shoes for airport security check-ins.  Made completely in the USA, these wool-blend socks contain SmartSilver which lends antimicrobial properties to the fabric. Extra comfy and cozy for winter travel! Visit:

SeaToSummit Aeros Pillow UltraLight Traveller, 100% Premium Silk Travel Liner, and Clothes Line are all super useful travel accessories you'll want to have with you to stay comfortable and clean. 
The Aeros Pillow is easily inflated and comes in this compact case.  Can be used sitting up in transit or as a bed pillow.
The Silk Liner can be used in sleeping bags or Hostel Dormitories. Bring the luxury of 100% silk sheets with you for visits and stays. Comes with a pillow insert for complete coverage.
The Clothes Line requires no clothes pins and attaches easily to a pole or tree. 
Unique beaded cord design secures laundry even in the wind. Reflective material makes the line visible at night.  Visit

Apothia Los Angeles IF Aromatic Candle & IF Sanitizing Mist are two fragrant treasures you can use at home or away.  The 8 oz bottle of Sanitizing Mist is too large for TSA restrictions but you can easily decant a bit into a travel mister and be on your way.   Use it to spray hands, bedding, and clothing once you check-in. This gorgeous candle is similarly fragranced to the mist. Perfect for that hot bath after your long journey!  See more at

Face Masks - Ubiquitous yet essential are our face masks.  These two cotton designer lined masks are my travel favorites as they wash easily and dry quickly while offering a superior fit:

Lilly Pulitzer Fabric Design Cotton Face Mask has very comfortable ear loops with an accordion design.

Inherent Clothier's Blue Checkered Face Mask is rendered in French blue with a star-cross weave.

LTD Edition Toscanella Italian Leather Duffle Bag by Pierotucci, Trench Coat by ExOfficio, Tartan Face Mask by EmergingHeroes

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